5 Of The Best Autobiographies Ever Written

We all love a celebrity story, however these days a singer/actor/model/slightly famous person only has to make the headlines once and they’re writing their memoirs!

Never fear, there are some stories that stand out for real, credible reasons. Through hardship and tears, wars and upheaval, real-life stories are inspirational, and open our eyes to the very real possibility that anything can happen.

Unfortunately there are some pretty poor autobiographies out there, remember that one-hit wonder? Yeah, they wrote a book, but you won’t really want to read it. Read on for five of the best.


1.     Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela


Mandela is an inspirational figure, one of the great leaders of our time, and a true hero. In his best-selling autobiography we get a rare insight into the private life of this heroic figure, discussing the difficult break-up of his first marriage and how it affected his relationship with his children, before moving onto the fight for peace and struggle against racial oppression in his home country of South Africa. Fascinating and inspirational, the story of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and his difficult time in prison, is a definite page-turner. For a few quotes and snippets, check this page out.


2.     Gandhi, An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth


There are few people in this world who haven’t heard of Gandhi. Inspiring and pioneering, this book explains his values, beliefs and simple way of life, in a journey to non-violent independence and enlightenment. For anyone who wants a glimpse of some of the best qualities of human nature, this is the book for you.


3.     The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank

Not a story to be read without your tissues, the moving, emotional tale of young Anne Frank and her family’s quest to stay hidden from the Nazis during the Second World War is a classic autobiography, and remains a best-seller to this day. The story chronicles how Anne and her family hid in an Amsterdam warehouse, to avoid the Nazis, but ends when they are eventually found. Tear-jerking, deep and very, very moving.


4.     Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Made famous by Julia Roberts in the recent adaptation of this classic book, Eat, Pray Love is an autobiographical story of Elizabeth Gilbert’s quest to find herself. Hitting her 30s, Gilbert realises that she isn’t truly happy, despite having everything that “should” make her happy, so she does what any self-respecting heroine does, she leaves, risks it all and embarks on an enlightening adventure – made all the more inspiring because it’s true.


5.     Me: Stories of My Life, by Katharine Hepburkatharine-hepburn

Sophisticated, talented, beautiful and alluring, Katharine Hepburn was a mystery until she published her memoirs, spilling all about her private life, the behind doors’ struggles and briefly telling all about her relationship with Spencer Tracy. The life story of the four times’ Academy Award Winner is a must for any fan of the silver screen.


Whatever your interest or niche, there is an autobiographical tale for you, it’s all a case of deciding who interests you and finding their book. These are five classics, can you add any others?


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