5 Of The Craziest Diets Of All Time

5 Of The Craziest Diets Of All Time

Everyone has heard of one diet or another that has made them scratch their head in dismay.  Most diets sound very unrealistic, completely eliminate certain food groups, and promote serious calorie reductions. However, few diets can be deemed the craziest diets of all time.

The list below outlines five diets that could be considered as such…


1. The Baby Food Diet

If you thought baby food was just for babies, think again. The diet trend created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson suggested that adults could reap weight loss benefits by replacing all or some meals and snacks throughout the day with baby food. The recommended amount was fourteen jars of baby food.

On the bright side, the Baby Food Diet did help individuals eat smaller portions and allowed them to get away with not cooking.

However, according to WebMD, baby food does lack vitamins, calcium and fiber meaning that eating like a baby can lead to a lack of nutrients that are provided in real food. Finally, the texture of baby food might be enough to dissuade most individuals.


2. The Master Cleanse

When life gives you lemons, add water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, and drink it to lose weight?  This is exactly what Beyonce Knowles did to lose weight for her role in Dream Girls. Called the Master Cleanse Diet or Lemonade Diet, it required individuals to drink between six and twelve glasses of the concoction daily.

While the fad may have helped individuals drop pounds quickly, it didn’t do so without taking its toll, leaving individuals hungry for actual food, on-edge, and frequenting the loo.


3. Cookie Dietcookies

Who doesn’t love cookies and milk? When Dr. Siegal created the Cookie Diet in 1975, he promised individuals that they could lose weight by eating nine of his special cookies throughout the day with the addition of one regular, healthy meal. The cookies have amino acids to suppress hunger and fiber to keep you full. Unfortunately, while the diet enabled individuals to eat continuously throughout the day, it did not provide an adequate amount of calories. Clearly, at 800 calories a day, anyone is going to lose weight.

For individuals who did attempt the cookie diet, many complained of lacking energy, at least in the first few weeks of the diet. One of the biggest upsides to the diet was the variety of cookie flavors one could choose from. Overall, while the Cookie Diet did provide weight loss for many individuals, it is uncertain if they could ever enjoy cookies again post-diet.


4. The Fruitarian Diet


If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then numerous apples, bananas, peaches, and pineapples can help me lose weight, right?

This is the idea held by individuals who engaged in the diet that consisted of ingesting nothing but fruit. Some individuals may have added nuts or seeds to the diet but always completely abstained from animal products, vegetables and grains. While some individuals may have seen some success on the Fruitarian Diet, others, including Ashton Kutcher (as reported by U.S. News), ended up spending some time in the hospital.

Fruit is obviously good for you, but consuming only fruit has clear disadvantages. Your body does not receive the protein and fat it needs in order to function. Furthermore, calcium, iron, zinc, and essential fatty acids are forgone on a diet that consists of only fruits. So maybe just enjoy your apple along with your daily servings of grains, vegetables, and lean meat to be safe.


5. The Chewing Diet


For individuals who did not want to waste time following specific eating regimens or purchasing and ingesting specific types of foods, the Chewing Diet was an alternative option to consider. Created by Horace Fletcher in the 1900’s, the diet required individuals to chew the bites of their food between 32 and 80 times and then spit it out.

Wait, is that even considered eating food? Regardless, Fletcher indicated that doing so would allow individuals to get necessary nutrients without gaining weight. Fletcher himself claims he lost forty pounds from following his diet regimen. However, it is certain that this diet was just another fad. We need to actually ingest food in order to live healthy, not just chew it around and spit it out!


Crazy fad diets come and go. Most do not stick around long because they lack feasibility and sensibility. Knowing this, it is important to stick to diets that include all types of food so the body can receive the nutrients and healthy calories it needs to thrive.

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Want to share any strange diets you’ve heard of?

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