5 Online Shopping Mistakes That Mean You Pay Extra

Online shopping is a great way to save huge amounts of money on items you want or need. However, in order to find these deals you need to avoid the 5 most common mistakes of online shoppers – that wind up costing you more.


1. Using sites that are not secure


Visiting unsecure websites and entering personal information can wind up costing you big time. This is because these sites may be run by spammers, only set up to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information. Computer crime is big business!

However, there are some ways you can avoid this altogether, which includes:

  • Ordering from sites that begin with “https“. The “s” means that it is much more likely to be a secured site.
  • Watch for warning signs such as poor design, unrelated content or multiple windows popping up while you are on the site.
  • Keep your internet security software up to date.
  • Weird domain names – that may include a brand name but are not actually anything to do with that brand. eg “diesel-jeans-store-usa.org” … You get the drift

Entering your personal information into these sites can definitely cost you more than you bargained for.


2. Paying more for shipping than the actual product

Making mistakes shopping online

You may become extremely excited when you find a great deal on an item you want or need. However, be sure to check the shipping rates prior to actually ordering the item. Many times the reason that an item or product is so inexpensive is the fact that the cost of the product is compensated in the shipping charges. This is especially common on some auction sites.


3. Purchasing products with no guarantee or return policy


No matter if you are buying something new from a reputable site, or from an online auction site, you should ensure that you have the option to return the product. Or that the seller offers some sort of guarantee for satisfaction. Otherwise you are likely to receive a product that is damaged, not what you ordered or significantly misinterpreted on the description. Without any options you are stuck with the item and wind up have to purchase the original item again, costing you more money.

In most jurisdictions, you will be covered by basic consumer laws – regardless of whether you buy online or from a store, you are entitled to expect the same quality.


4. : Not taking the time to compare prices

shopping online credit card

The internet has a plethora of products, ecommerce stores and shopping opportunities that enable you to save on everyday products. In order to get the best deal possible you should take the time to shop around and compare products. There are even comparison shopping search engines that will do the work for you and help you find the best, most affordable deal that is available.


5.  Not checking for additional discounts, coupons or promotional codes

Shopping from laptop

Finding additional discounts online is a must for any online shopper. Performing a quick and easy search for promo codes or discounts can save you a substantial amount of money. Be sure to do this each time you want to purchase something online.

When you are in a ‘check-out’ page on a site – look for a coupon or voucher code box. This will give you a clue as to whether or not that site uses such discount methods. Then just search Google etc. for a code!



There is no doubt that online shopping as exploded in recent years. You are likely to shop on your computer, tablet or smartphone, often multiple times a week. Learning the best ways to save the most money possible can ensure that you find the absolute best deals possible. There is no need to spend money you do not have to, when there are great ways to save readily available.


This information is to help online shoppers get the best possible deals! If you have any additional tips or suggestions for saving money with online shopping please share.

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