5 Quick Tips For A Better Complexion

It’s a common fact that our skin is the biggest organ in our body, so it makes perfect sense that we should look after it as best we can. Our skin is on show all the time, well, our facial skin anyway, and during times of illness, stress or bad weather, our complexion can take a knock.

Never fear! Let’s take a look at five ways to rescue your complexion and begin glowing your way to healthy skin before you know it.


1. H2O is your friend

Water is vital for a great complexion

We’re often bombarded with stories on how much water we should drink to keep our bodies functioning at optimum level, yet did you know your complexion also relies on hydration too? The recommended amount of fluid per day is around 1.2 litres, and this will help to flush out toxins and have you looking radiant and youthful, well as much as possible anyway.


2. Five a day!

woman with beautiful selection of fruit and vegetables

Okay, so there is some debate over whether it should be five, six or whatever number has been bandied about recently, yet there is certainly a lot of truth in the rule of eating your fruit and vegetables. Brightly colored fruits and nutritious vegetables contain vitamins and minerals, vital for healthy bodies, and healthy skin. Read our top 5 healthiest foods here.

Healthy skin = a healthy complexion. It’s win-win. For a few ideas on antioxidant and vitamin containing foods you should have your plate, check out this article.


3. Clean is beautifulmoisturize

You wouldn’t walk around in smelly, dirty clothes, so why would you expect your skin to be any different? Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Heard that mantra? Well, make it yours and do it as early on as possible, every night, as this will not only ensure a clean, healthy and radiant complexion, but you’ll also be holding off the visible effects of ageing for as long as possible too.

Multi-tasking indeed. Oh, and always take off your make up at the very least!


4. Cut out the stress

Family on holiday at sunset

Unfortunately we live in a fast-paced, stressful world, where work, family and social commitments all have us running around like headless chickens, and worry is higher up on our agenda than chilling out. Stop right there!

For a healthy body in general, as well as luminous skin, it’s important to cut out the worry, cut out the stress and live life in the moment. I know, it’s easier said than done, but your body will thank you for it, and really, worry gets you nowhere anyway.


5. Catch some Zzzzz

Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A lack of adequate sleep can leave us sluggish, lethargic and our complexion looks grey and dull as a result. Everyone has an individual amount of sleep that is right for them, and the old adage of 8 hours isn’t necessarily true for everyone. Find your happy level and make sure you get it every night without fail. Switch off that phone, don’t surf the net until ten minutes before you sleep, and if you’re thinking about something, write it down and forget about it until the morning.

A wide awake, happy you, is much more important, and your skin needs that downtime to regenerate and revive itself. Listen to your body!


A healthy complexion goes hand in hand with a beautiful reflection, no matter how much mascara or eyeliner you put on. For a few more tips on how to shine like the beauty you are, check this article or this, with tips on sun care and more lifestyle factors and look forward to a more radiant you.

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Nicky Curtis is a freelance writer of two years duration, although she has written for her own enjoyment for many years. Nicky specialises in all things travel and beauty, and she is currently writing her own book, set in Turkey, which has become her second home over the last few years. A typical "girly girl", Nicky writes about the topics that are dear to her heart, hoping readers connect in the same way.
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