5 Top Animated Movies That Weren’t Made for Kids

When I first think of animated movies, the classics of my childhood come to mind. I think of movies like Toy Story, The Lion King, and others. But animated movies aren’t just made for kids. There are plenty of animated movies out there that are more geared towards adults, so if animation’s your thing or you’re just getting bored of the traditional Hollywood movie style, check out these animated movies that weren’t made for kids. These movies are deemed too violent, scary, inappropriate, or a combination of the three to be intended for children but are still great animated movies.


1. Fantasia (1940)

Fantasia is on this list because it’s one of the only classic Disney movies not made for kids. There isn’t any dialogue in this movie, it’s more of a spectacle of animals and magic accompanied by classical music. It was made in 1940, but released on many different occasions including a remade version called Fantasia/2000 that came out in 1999. When I saw this movie as a kid I was bored by the lack of dialog and the use classical music throughout. Today, I watch this film and appreciate it’s true beauty and uniqueness in the world of film, specifically animated films.


2. Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke is an animated movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki, a famous Japanese filmmaker. It’s been called the “Star Wars of Animated Feature” and rightfully gains that title. It tells the story of the battle between Princess Mononoke and the humans trying to destroy the forest that she lives in. Ashitaka meets them in the middle of their fight and struggles to bring peace between the forces of good and evil. This movie has a lot of blood, gore and violence, including heads being shot off by arrows and wolves biting off arms.


3. Waking Life (2001)

This movie is a trip and a half. It was directed by Richard Linklater and is all about dreams, consciousness, and existentialism. It’s a deep thinking movie as you follow this nameless character through his dream-like journeys as he talks to people about the meaning of life and other things along the way. This movie is a bit too advanced for a kid to understand, simply because there aren’t many kids out there who are fascinated by the universe and the meaning of life yet. It’s also rated R and contains violent images and vulgar language.


4. Team America (2004)

OK, so perhaps not a proper ‘animation’ – But it’s too good to leave out! Team America was written by the same guys who write South Park so you already know it’s vulgar, violent, and inappropriate for children. It’s about an elite counter-terrorist force called Team America fighting against the North Korean dictator King Jong II and his intentions to use weapons of mass destruction. The dialog in this movie is incredibly raunchy and they curse more than most movies. There is death and destruction and racism and everything else you wouldn’t want your kids to see all packed into one crazy marionette puppet animation.


5. Rango (2011)

Rango is great. It’s about a chameleon who falls out of a car and ends up in the middle of the desert in a town called Dirt. This movie won the 2012 Oscar for best Animated Feature Film and the main character is voiced by Johnny Depp. The premise of this movie is a lack of water in the desert and Rango the chameleon’s efforts as the newfound sheriff of Dirt to get to the bottom of the missing water problem. This movie has some violence, a few drug and alcohol references and some mean characters. This may look like a kid’s movie, but Rango is far from it. There are numerous references to Fear And Loathing, if that’s any indicator as to how much this movie isn’t directed at kids.


Of course, these are just my favorites, but what are yours???


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