5 Of The Best Guard Dog Breeds

Humans keep animals for various reasons; as pets, for recreation, as a means of making a living, and for the protection of themselves and their homes. Some people want a dog who will simply bark to alert their family of intruders, while others desire something more along the lines of a ‘first line of defense’. The following list of dogs possess strong natural instincts to guard and protect.


5. Puli

Puli’s are medium sized dogs, originally bred in Hungary for herding and livestock guarding purposes. Most people might confuse them with a mop though, considering the style of their coat is long and tightly curled, resembling dreadlocks or a mop head. No matter how silly they might look, they are very alert and suspicious dogs, and will bark at anything they deem as out of the ordinary. They are very smart and very active, but require constant companionship to be happy.


4. Komondor

The Komondor is a larger version of the Puli. They share similar coat styles and similar breeding backgrounds, but with their larger size comes and even bigger personality! These dogs are brave enough to successfully protect a herd of sheep from a hungry bear. Calm and collected when things are peaceful, they do make great family pets and are exceptionally affectionate, as well as gentle with children.


3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler training as guard dog

This is the ‘typical’ guard dog, and most often are portrayed in movies as junkyard dogs…with good reason. They are extremely protective of whatever their ‘pack’ might be, but are also capable of having big, silly personalities with those that they trust. It does take them time to warm up to new people. Like most larger breeds, they require a heftier play and exercise schedule, or they may become obese.


2. Doberman Pinscher

This breed was the victim of a lot of negative stigma in the nineties, but the truth about the breed is they are simply very eager to please. They are also considered the world’s fifth smartest dog , as well as one of the fastest. With that in mind, they make great companions for athletes, or anyone who has a large piece of property they’d like to be kept safe.


1. Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff, like its name implies, is a large breed with an affinity for throwing its weight around. In fact, its signature style of protection includes jumping on a target to knock it to the ground, or using its body to block a path. Their intimidating style of attack however doesn’t say anything about their home personality, which is in fact extremely docile and gentle with children. As an added bonus, they are generally quiet and do not bark very often.


Dogs have been in our lives for as long as humans have been considered to exist. Traditionally, they were used as hunting partners, as livestock guardians, and as a means of protecting the home and family. While today they are mostly considered companion animals, they still remain one of the most popular sources of basic protection and home security.



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