5 Top Mistakes Made By The Beginner Gardener

When many people make the decision to start tending their garden, they often do so with the best of intentions but not always the best knowledge or ideas. Here we discover 5 mistakes that beginner gardeners often make.


5.   Too much water!beginner-gardener

We all know water is good for us and our plants. Problem is, too much water isn’t. Just like you might have real trouble coping if slammed with a tidal wave whilst sitting about on the beach minding your own business, an unsuspecting plant will struggle if over-watered.

Of course there are some plants that do need a lot of water and others that don’t need much at all, the packets your seeds came in will tell you the right amount for your green babies. So before you get out that watering can again, stop and think! Your plants lives could depend on it!


4.   Over excitement


Many of us know that thrill when we discover all kinds of different seeds that we can apparently grow at home! Problem is, we can get slightly over-excited and buy, then plant, far too many. When planning your garden it is a good idea to check what will grow, how much space it needs and other things such as sunlight, shelter etc.

If you plant too many of the wrong types of seedlings, you could end up with a garden out of control and that is not great if you want to harvest any produce. So for the sake of your garden (and your bank balance) have a proper think before purchasing seeds.


3.   Not knowing the soilplant-soil

Soil type is important. Just like it is good to know exactly how much space, sunlight, watering and shelter your plants need, it is also good to know the soil type. If your soil is too acidic, clay-like or anything else, some of your plants will probably not grow too well.

Of course you can fix any problems by digging new beds with fresh soil or creating raised beds. But it is good to know from the start what soil you are dealing with so that you can provide the right environment for your plants.


2.    Not weeding the bedsweeds

Yup. Weeds. They are the bane of many gardeners’ lives. Of course some can be actually  helpful, but generally if you don’t weed your planting beds properly, then you’re going to have problems growing anything. Some weeds will absorb all the nutrients from the soil, whilst others will slither over your plants and strangle them.

You might think you can just pull them out, but usually the chances are that you will need to completely dig out their roots. It’s a time consuming task, but once done will often mean there is less chance of them returning to that particular patch.


1.  Attacking the good guysEuropean_honey_bee

Many people assume that all bugs are bad and therefore immediately pull out the insecticides. Don’t!! Many many bugs in your garden are your allies. Bees and butterflies help pollination, worms create soil and even flies have their uses breaking organic matter down.

If you do have problems with some pests try to find natural alternatives to getting rid of them. Allow those spiders to stay where they are, pour salt around plant pots to prevent slugs or have a go at companion planting. Whatever you choose to do, try to do it without harming the good guys, this generally means finding a natural alternative.




About Cassie Raine

Cassie is a home educating mum-of-two, living in the Kentish countryside. She has a keen interest in history, especially ancient history, literature, myths and legends, theology, environmental issues, self-sufficiency and current affairs. In her spare time she enjoys reading, country walks, knitting and learning new skills. She believes passionately that learning should be a pleasure, never a chore.
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