5 Top Easy Ways To Get Some Exercise At Home

More often than the not, the average gym is already filled with physically fit people sporting their perfectly sculpted bodies. From tight gluts to ripped abdominal muscles, there is always something on another person that you would want to see or change on yourself. Whether you are a man or woman this trend can often be a bit intimidating and just downright annoying. But wait.

What if I told you that you can have a “technically good physique” and do this all in the comfort of your own home? That’s right, my friends, it is possible.

With these 5 techniques, you will be able to get the body that you have always dreamed of without having to make excuses for skipping your weekly gym visit.


1. Work out videos

on gym mat watching work out dvd

OK, so this is an obvious one. But if you can overlook the usual ‘cheese-factor‘ that comes with these, what better way to get yourself into shape then having your own personal trainer on your TV screen.  Workout videos do a great job of compacting workouts into about 30 minute segments, and they still have the ability to kick your butt.

There are videos out there that cater to ever need and disproportion on your body, all you have to do is figure out what you want and pop it into the DVD/onto your computer.


2.  Quick and easy workouts

working out at home

We all have those days where we are just too busy to find time to work out. However, by simply doing easy exercises such as push-ups or sit-ups while you wait to go into the shower or even while you are making dinner, you will see results in no time.

By adding these extra activities to your daily routine you will develop core strength the correct way. It’s just a matter of getting into a routine and remembering to do them every day!


3. Climb Stairsstariway

It is always so tempting to take the escalator or elevator when we are out and about, but by taking the stairs instead of these machines you will add to your daily fitness routine. Not only will climbing stairs get your heart pumping, they will start to build muscle in your thighs.

Oh, and it might save your life!


4. Extra Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best fat burning techniques you can use to sculpt your body. As many think that you can only achieve cardio activity through running, they are wrong. There are endless possibilities of cardio exercise around the house. Whether you do jumping jacks while you move from room to room or hop on a small trampoline while you watch TV, there is always a way to make your heart race.


5. Chair Exercises

When it comes to home fitness, chairs aren’t just for sitting! By using chairs as a part of your workout routine, you be able to effectively sculpt different body parts. You can do chair crunches to target your core by contracting your pelvis and bringing your legs up to your chest. You can also target your legs by placing both hands on the side of the chair and dipping down as low as you can go.


What are your favorite home work-out tips?

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