5 Weird Psychiatric Disorders

Here are 5 weird psychiatric disorders. Mental illnesses run the gambit from ho hum depression to straight up schizophrenia, these however are even worse because they are so strange. Some people don’t even believe they are real.

I’ve never had one of these, do you know someone who has? What was it like?


1.  Conversion disorder

having a nightmare

This is a sort of “inception” type psychiatric illness. There are different symptoms depending on your body and mind, but the most prevalent is that you lose some sort of sense. Whether it be your sense of sight, your hearing, or even your ability to move.

If you get this, you will have no idea that you are even having a psychiatric issue and will wholeheartedly believe that you have a verified medical problem.

It’s been said that blindness in particular is fascinating because the subject is unable to see when they are trying to see, when they aren’t thinking about it, their subconscious brain takes over and they can see. Sort of like the coyote, able to run off the cliff just fine, until he looks down and realizes where he is.


2.  Capgras delusion

Woman with masks to represent multiple personalities

Sufferers of this condition are convinced that their friends or loved ones are not themselves anymore. They may look the same, but the sufferer is convinced that it is actually someone else.

Depending on the severity, patients may think the others are out to get them or perhaps think that they need to “rescue” their loved ones from wherever they are. It’s a real life “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” to these people.


3.  Vaginismus

While this may only effect half of the population, the other half could do well to hear about it. Vaginismus is when the vaginal muscles contract involuntarily whenever there is any vaginal penetration.

The contraction can be so hard that it causes pain to the patient, and can cause distress to women who would rather have healthy sex lives. No one knows why this happens exactly, but it has been speculated that women with a history of sexual trauma will have their distress manifested in this way.


4.  Frotteurism

This might pair well with the disorder above it. This is a psychiatric sexual disorder where the person gets sexual pleasure from intimate contact with a non-consenting person. What makes this weirder is that the person that has it, tends to wait until a public place becomes very crowded and then will fondle their victim while fantasizing about the idyllic life the two would have together.

It takes pining over a long lost love to a whole new level.


5.  Dissociative identity disorder

Mental disorder covering face

One day you are finishing your presentation at work, the next day you are in Hawaii with a handsome man. At first you wonder where the time went, did you black out? Is this all even real? Then BAM you are at home drinking a cup of tea. None of this makes sense, your family and friends say that sometimes you act a bit out of character but they figured you were just being your normal abnormal self.

For someone with DID this is what life can be like. Your mind splits into different ‘personalities’ that all have different likes and dislikes, it’s as if you are two, three or even four people living in the same body. Sometimes each personality doesn’t know of the others, sometimes they communicate with one another and sometimes there is no way to tell which personality is the “real” patient. A problem for any psychologist!

This disorder tends to have higher awareness because of shows like “United States of Tara” and “Identity”.

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