5 Ways to Beat the January Blues and Become a Happier You

The month of January can bring about a lot of negative feelings. With the holidays over and the days seemingly shorter, many individuals feel as if they do not have anything to look forward to except miserable months of coldness.

Fortunately, there are some options to help avoid these blues.


1. Laugh Often

Couple laughing together

It is truly amazing how good laughing can be for one’s well-being.  According to Men’s Health Magazine, laughing is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do for your health. Not only does laughing ease stress, it can also boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure.

Therefore, when the January blues start to creep up, considering setting a time to meet with friends weekly to socialize and have a good laugh! No time to meet this week? No worries! Consider popping in your favorite comedy flick into the DVD player or searching for some stand-up comedy clips online. A sincere laugh can really go a long way!


2. Exercise Daily

working out at home


Many individuals endure the January blues due to a lack of activity. Let’s face it – it sounds much more enjoyable to relax on the couch than attempt to trek to the gym or go for a jog in the snow. However, you may want to consider the fact that exercising provides an endless array of health benefits.

As indicated by NBC News, exercising in the winter can increase not only your energy, but also your mood. Besides feeling better, exercising can also help you look better! No gym membership? No excuses! There are plenty of at-home exercise options to choose from, such as workout DVDs and cardio routines that require no equipment.


3. Eat Healthier

Diet choices - Healthy food or not

The holidays are a time for gorging on comfort foods and overdosing on sweets. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of woes in January when the holidays have ended. Most individuals feel sluggish and may have even gained some weight from the festivities.

Luckily, you can really benefit by breaking the vicious cycle of unhealthy eating after the holidays have ended. According to Prevention Magazine, switching to a diet high in fruits and vegetables can curb feelings of depression and anxiety.

Still not convinced? Consider the fact that such studies have been proven in nearly 80,000 people. Next time hunger strikes, consider reaching for the produce rather than the greasy bag of potato chips. Your body will thank you in more ways than one! 


4. Find a New Hobby

Skiing family

Long winter days can seem boring and miserable. Between work, the snow, and the cold, many individuals find themselves engaging in the same passive activities on a daily basis, such as watching television or playing on the computer. While these tasks may seem fulfilling at the time, you may have better luck engaging in something new.

WebMD recommends taking up a new hobby so you have something to concentrate on. This can be an indoor activity, such as sewing or writing a blog, or an outdoor venture such as skiing. Not sure what best suits you? Ask a friend what they do or create a new hobby for the both of you!


5. Skip Out of Town

kids coming off an airplane

Sometimes the best way to beat the January blues is to plan a getaway. Fortunately, many tourist destinations drop their prices in the winter months. As a result, individuals can benefit from planning a little vacation during this time. According to Fox News, locales such as Miami, Maui, and Mexico, as well as many cruise lines, offer affordable package rates to those looking to escape the cold for a few days.

Not only does such a vacation offer you something to look forward to, it can also re-energize you. Don’t want to go alone? Plan the trip with a few close friends and family members and reap the benefits of a relaxing and enjoyable escape from reality and the cold!


Kicking the January blues does not have to overwhelming or difficult. Instead, consider the variety of options and small changes available to you that can really make a difference in the way you feel. Chances are you will be glad that you did!

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