Top 5 Best Self Tanners – Bronzers That Won’t Break The Bank

Top 5 Best Self Tanners – Bronzers That Won’t Break The Bank

Summer is here and that means baring the legs for the first time since the dark depths of winter. If you’re like me, those pins will be lily white and possibly blinding for those in near proximity! However, harsh UV rays from the sun may feel warming when the vitamin D begins to flow, but they can be dangerous for the skin, resulting in painful sunburn, and potentially more sinister outcomes further down the line.

The best way to avoid the harmful effects of the sun, whilst still feeling sun-kissed and fabulous, is to make the best possible use of faking it.

Yes, it’s all about faking it.

Fake tan is one of those godsend inventions, meaning even the most sun-shy can have a golden glow without major effort. The range on the market can be confusing, so read on for the top five selection, to help make your shopping easier.


1.  St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse  St Tropez fake tan bottle

The big daddy of the tanning world, everyone has heard of the St Tropez range, whether it’s through home tanning products, or via a spray tan at the salon. The mousse allows easy application, with a thicker consistency, meaning it’s easier to see where you’re applying the colour.

The result is an even, long-lasting tan, which is suitable for all skin types. Infused with aloe vera, one of the most stand-out features of the St Tropez mousse is that unlike many self tanners, it doesn’t have that biscuit-like smell that may do.

If you’ve ever used any cheaper products in the past, you’ll be well aware of what I’m referring to! This product has Aromaguard fragrance technology, meaning it cuts down on that famous fake tan smell by 70%.


2.  FakeBake FlawlessFake bake flawless bronzer

Unlike St Tropez’s mousse product, the second in our list is a traditional liquid, however this being the famous FakeBake, it isn’t any old tanner. The product comes with a special application mitt, and the tan is applied using long gliding strokes, meaning a full coverage glow.

Another added bonus is that you can easily see where you’re applying the colour, with special dual function bronzer, meaning no double strokes and an even colour. Hitting on the smell subject again, Fake Bake Flawless has a fruity, tropical scent, which is much more favourable, compared to old biscuits!


3.  Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning LotionSun laboratories self tanner

This particular product is made with a sugar-based formula, meaning it is particularly good for those with sensitive skin. Differing from instant fake-tans, our number three product goes on visibly, so again you can see where you’ve applied it, but it continues to develop over the following three hours.

The important thing to remember is that during the first application, less is more! In three hours’ time, a deep tan develops.


4.  New Jwoww Tanning Lotion (One & Done)Jwoww tanning lotion bottle

Made famous by Jersey Shore’s Jenni Jwoww, this is the latest in the line of celebrity endorsed beauty products, but this one is actually worth the money! Fast developing and again, pleasant smell-wise, this is an advanced dark bronzer, meaning a deep tan in little time at all.


5.  Designer Skin Luminary BronzerDesigner skin luminary bronzer

We’ve spoken much about developing colour and product scents over the last five brands, however this one is particularly special in the smell department, with a distinct scent, called sweet champagne fizz. Sounds special, right? Well, appearances alone, the bottle is easy on the eye, and product-wise, it gives a luminescent glow, which is suitable again for all skin types, whilst hydrating all at the same time.

If you’re after a more full on tanned look, this will give you more of a glow than full colour, but will shimmer fantastically.


Whichever of the above value bronzers and self tanners you go for, whether you follow the crowd and go St Tropez or Fake Bake crazy, or head for a more subtle glow, such as the number five Designer Glow product, this much is true – faking it will give you a long-lasting, non-peeling, non-red, and safer tan.


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