5 Top Honeymoon Destinations You Might Not Have Thought Of

The wedding is over, the confetti has settled, the presents have been opened, several returned and swapped for something better, and it’s time to jet off for two weeks of rest and romantic relaxation.

Paris? A Caribbean cruise?

Pah! Predictable!

I say, choose something a little different, something you’ll always remember as the first holiday you took as a married couple. After all, the world is huge! Let’s look at some of the more unusual honeymoon destinations; some you might never have thought of visiting.


1.  At one with nature


It must be most people’s dream to go on safari, and in Kenya, you have the best nature has to offer rolled into one stunningly beautiful country. The Masai Mara, Mount Kilimanjaro, beach resorts, and the vibrant city of Nairobi. There should be something on that list for everyone.

The “Big Five” all call Kenya their home, and what could be more romantic than seeing such amazing forces of nature together – creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This isn’t your typical luxury stay either, with campsites and tree houses your bed for the night, but you can combine this with a luxury beach stay to finish off your holiday. Perfect!



2.  Surfing USA!

Making a heart shape at sunset

Okay, not mainland USA, but Hawaii. Learning a new skill is an achievement and a memory, so why not learn one together – such as surfing! Yes, it’s likely to mean you embarrass yourself several times before you stand upright on your surf board, but embarrassing yourself means fun, and fun means memories.

Of course, you can spend your evenings with romantic cocktails overlooking the beach, the sun setting in the distance …. bliss.



3.  Fit for a Disney princess


Nothing  says magic and romance like a bit of Disney. Cinderella and Prince Charming live there for heaven’s sake – what more could you want? The greatest love story of all time? Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Even Daisy and Donald manage to stay together despite Donald’s grumpiness.

So it makes sense to me that this is the perfect backdrop for a romantic break, fit for post-wedding. Florida has the weather and the smiles, and Disneyworld, has the magic. It’s a recipe for a memorable honeymoon, and with Disney promising to go that extra mile, if you mention it’s your honeymoon, who knows what special extras you might find?



4.  Tokyo, Japan

tokyo by night

I know, this is a controversial one, but bear with me. Tokyo is futuristic, different and quite frankly, strange, but very memorable. Some experiences need to be shared, and you’ll need at least two to believe what you’re seeing in Japan.

Memories? This is what honeymoons are all about.



5.  Och ‘Aye

All this jetsetting can be expensive, and after you’ve just almost bankrupted yourself on your wedding, not everyone can afford to be chasing the sun around the world on their honeymoon. Thankfully, we have some beautiful settings right on our doorstep (if, like me, you live in The UK that is!), ones that we often overlook in favour of more exotic destinations. One of these stunning locations is the Scottish Highlands.

What could be more romantic than a log cabin, with a roaring fire, possibly snow outside, and imposing mountains surrounding you? The feeling of being cut off from the world, just the two of you for company … romance with a capital R.


Honeymoons are basically about being together, reflecting on the wedding, looking forward to a future as husband and wife, and creating memories to tell the grandkids in years to come. The destination is merely the backdrop, but some are certainly more memorable than others.

Where did you spend, or would like to spend, your dream honeymoon? Let us know!

About Nicky Curtis

Nicky Curtis is a freelance writer of two years duration, although she has written for her own enjoyment for many years. Nicky specialises in all things travel and beauty, and she is currently writing her own book, set in Turkey, which has become her second home over the last few years. A typical "girly girl", Nicky writes about the topics that are dear to her heart, hoping readers connect in the same way.
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