The Top 5 Most Expensive Things You Can Buy On Amazon

No doubt many of you reading this have a few hundred thousand bucks lying idle, and some of you may wish to spend that on – But, in Brewster’s Millions style – What are the best items available to help you blow your money in the quickest (and most ridiculous way).

Here is a list of the top 5 most expensive things I could find on Amazon at the time of writing (obviously with a site this immense, the top 5 will change regularly).

Some of these are obviously mistakes (computer error or whatever) and others appear to be just stupidly overpriced items.

So, which product tickles your fancy the most??


5. 5.63 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring – $125kexpensive engagement ring on amazon

At a  mere eighth of a million dollars, this ring is the cheapest on this list. For your money, you get a ‘brand new’ ‘100% natural earth mined diamond’ with white gold metal. So, you can be assured that this is not some second-hand junk that was mined from elsewhere in the solar system.

What’s more, you get a 14 day money back guarantee, should your prospective fiancee decline your proposal of marriage (or indeed should the ring not be to her pleasing – in which case you may wish to reconsider your choice of life partner).

Free shipping also included- Boo ya!!!


4.  Solar Panel Kit – $220k

Solar panel kit from amazon

Cut down on your electric bill and save the world with this little gem. What better way to spend a weekend than up on the roof screwing in this solar panel kit? Details are a little sketchy, and they have the cheek to charge for shipping on top of your near quarter of a million purchase – So caveat emptor!


3. A Signed Manuscript – $450kwilliam barclay signed manuscript from amazon

Get your hands on a piece of history with this item a “typed manuscript for Dodge City, The Cowboy Capital about Western lawman Bat Masterson” . Written by some dude called Robert M. Wright, this script about Mr Barclay  contains FOUR (yes, you read that correctly) whole handwritten corrections and his FULL signature – so you really get your money’s worth here.

Advertised as a ‘special gift’ – You’d want to really like the recipient to spend this amount on them! Me, I’d rather receive the $450k, thanks.


2.  An Uninspiring Canvas Print – $25.9 millionart canvas amazon expensive

Some blue, red and green, splashed about a bit, printed x amount of times on a canvas, and yours for 25 million bucks. OK, so it’s not unique – but you can buy one for your loved ones too!

While this is a tad expensive, do bear in mind that you also get “Hanging Wire, Mounting Hooks, and Nails” – Something to consider if you are sitting on the fence. Also, has a 30-day money back guarantee, in case you have  a change of heart and want to spend your 25 million on a masterpiece instead.


1. Welding Cable $62.5 millionwelding-cable-millions-amazon

So, here we are – Top of the heap of most expensive things one can buy on Amazon is this, er, welding cable. A whole one pound in weight.

Featuring some impressive welding cable type stats involving resistance, durability and whatever – You can be sure that if you want to weld stuff, this will do the job.

One may be rightfully annoyed at the $12 shipping fee, but times are tough for every small business I guess. Before you buy though, you may want to consider that 60 million will buy you this.


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