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If you are using WordPress as your website’s framework, then you are well aware of the thousands of themes available. You can get one of these and have a professional blog, magazine site or ecommerce store up and running in minutes! This huge variety is one of the reasons I love WordPress.

Nonetheless, it can make finding the perfect theme for your website very difficult. How do I start wading through thousands of options? And if you’re serious about your site, then you know that it’s important to have a unique, user friendly design.

Of course, there are lots of really good free options out there, which may be ideal if you have a hobby site or are just starting out and trying to get used to WordPress. But with free products you can’t expect good support and you cannot be sure that the software is bug free, updated regularly and, most importantly, secure.

Also, it may take hours and hours of work (or a lot of money if you outsource) to get the design just right if you use a free framework. Consider purchasing a premium WordPress theme – If you find the right one it will save a lot of time and money!

This will allow you to have immediate control over the way your website looks and feels, without needing to spend countless hours tweaking it to get it just how you want it.


Some tips before you buy your new theme:

  • Is it regularly updated?
  • Does it fit my needs? It may look great on the developer’s demo version – but will it fit with how you want your site to look and feel? If it is going to need tonnes of modification to get it how you want it then you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Are there good reviews? Sites like themeforest have a star rating for each product.
  • How good is the support from the developer?
  • Does the theme make use of any up-to-date coding like HTML5 or bootstrap? Does it make use of rich snippets, which may help your SEO efforts? Is it responsive – i.e. does it adapt when viewed on mobile and tablet screens?  While not necessarily deal-breakers, these may be something to keep in mind to help future-proof your purchase (to an extent).


Here is my top 5 list of the best sites to get your premium WordPress themes from – several of which offer memberships, allowing you access to all of their themes for one low price.


1. ThemeforestScreenshot of themeforest premium theme site

ThemeForest is an extremely popular community of web developers and designers. They have an impeccable reputation and thousands of site templates and themes, some starting at just $3. It won’t be hard to find exactly what you are looking for here.


Why I like Themeforest, in a nutshell:

  • Superb range of cool themes for many types of websites – Magazine, portfolio, corporate business, photographers, directories etc etc
  • Great site structure makes it easy to navigate and find the perfect theme
  • It’s popularity – Some of the themes have been downloaded thousands of times. This has several advantages – 1.  There are lots of reviews, vitally important for your peace of mind. 2.  Any bugs will have been ironed out on the more seasoned offerings thanks to feedback from the many users. 3. With so much competition, only the best will sell – so developers have to be on  top of their game, in terms of not only tehe product but support, updates and tutorials.
  • The best developers get ‘elite author’ status
  • You can quickly and easily check a theme’s rating, when it was last updated and it’s key features

Superior customer support is available as well, and all support tickets are answered within 2 days.

Some may consider the popularity of themeforest a bad thing – There may be more chance of your website being the same as a competitors after all. But remember, the interweb is one BIG space. These themes have so many layout, color and other design options at your fingertips – Making it VERY unlikely that you will stumble upon the exact same design as your’s on another site.

Browse themeforest’s huge range here.


2.  MojoThemesMOJO themes site

Similar to the above, Mojo Themes is a well-known market place full of talented developers and designers selling high quality items. Products sold on Mojo are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. Live previews allow you to see how your website will look.

Before listing a theme for WordPress, they ensure the design is professional and up to date with all the latest trends in web design. WordPress themes are installed and tested, before being offered for sale, using the same practices the team uses. Each item is installed in order to test the installation process as well as review the code structure to ensure that the best coding practices are used.

Free support and upgrades, as well as full documentation, are included with every purchase.  There are also lots of useful premium plugins for sale here.

Mojo is very similar to Themeforest, in terms of its’ range of offerings and how one navigates through these. So between the two, you should find something that suits your requirements!


3.  Elegant ThemesElegant themes

Elegant Themes currently has 80+ beautiful, and elegant WordPress themes, all of which that you can download for one low price. Responsive, up to date designs and an options panel are included with every purchase. Using the options panel, you can easily change typography, color, and much more.

“Unparalleled Support”, as they describe it, is provided with the cost of membership.

If you buy the $39 personal plan you get all 80 themes at less than 50 cents each. Stump up for the developer license and Elegant’s premium plugins are also yours. However, you will need to pay yearly to keep these products up to date, unless you buy the lifetime access.

There’s a no questions asked 30 day refund policy – Something you won’t get with all premium themes.


4.  StudioPress


Highly regarded within internet marketing circles, StudioPress from copyblogger offers themes that use the Genesis framework.  Buy any of their designs and genesis comes with it.

There are a lot of beautifully designed offerings, which you can purchase individually or you can buy unlimited access to all of their quality, premium themes for one low price. Studio Press themes are designed using state of the art code. Layout options make it simple to create unique layouts for different pages. Design settings allow for amazing control of colors and fonts. Studio Press themes give you the capability to easily change the look and feel of your website anytime you like. Want minimal?… No problem. Colorful and busy… You have it.

Lifetime access to their support team and exclusive support forums is included in the monthly fee.


5. WoothemesWoothemes site

Woo Themes offers quality and savings combined with the Woo Theme Club. The club allows you to download all of their themes for one low price. A great buy if you are a developer, freelancer, or you own multiple websites. However you won’t get anywhere near the same out-of-the-box variety that you will find on, say, themeforest. Thus more modification will be needed for many buyers to get their design as they desire.

A 30-day money back guarantee is offered along with access to 80+ WordPress themes. With an offer like that, it’s well worth trying out. Head over there now and sign up for a free account.



That’s my top 5 list of the best premium WordPress themes sites. If you have a favorite that I didn’t mention, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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