Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPhone

Apple has been a major part of the smartphone market for a few years thanks to its incredibly successful iPhone range. However, there have been a lot of additions to the market since, and it’s now a tricky decision to choose the iPhone over other handsets.

iOS (the iPhone’s operating system) may be one of the most smooth and easy-to-pick-up mobile operating systems, but there are other choices now, and you may find yourself favoring them over the previous king of mobile.

With that in mind, here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone.


1. The CostNexus-4

The iPhone range has always been on the premium side when it comes to prices, and although some of the other high-end smartphones also come in close with similar costs, there is a whole market for mid-range and low range handsets.

If you don’t have the money to fork out for a brand new iPhone 5, you can go for something with a price a little more affordable, such as the Google Nexus, an LG made phone that Google has put up for a ridiculously low price, despite having the hardware to outperform even the Galaxy S3.


2.  Expandable Storageiphone-smash

If you build a large collection of movies, music, or games on your iPhone, you may come across problems after filling up the handset’s internal memory, forcing you to choose your favorite media and delete the rest. However, with many other handsets, such as the Galaxy Note 2, you can always add up to an extra 64GB of memory with the help of a micro SD card, which is something that the iPhones have never supported.


3.  More Dynamic Operating Systemsandroid-operating-system

If you feel that iOS has lost its charm, then moving to Android may be a good idea. Whilst BB 10 and Windows Phone are still relatively new, Android has been going strong for almost as long as Apple. With it come hundreds of custom UIs, overlays, ROMs and other software modifiers that affect the Android experience.

A good example of the possibilities behind Android is that of the new Sense UI found on the HTC One; although it is Android, it has enough software changes to feel like something completely different.


4.  Bigger Freedom for Appsapps

Whilst the Apple appstore turns iOS into a tight-knit experience, unless you jailbreak your iPhone, it lacks other opportunities for finding iphone apps because of its limited access to just one app store. Android on the other hand will allow users to view and download apps from multiple platforms, including Amazon’s marketplace, a platform that offers great apps for free in their Free App of the Day promotional service.


5.  Removable Batteriesbattery

Although most manufacturers have moved onto placing non-removable batteries in their handsets to help fit in extra hardware, some manufacturers have listened to smartphone users’ concerns and kept removable batteries in the designs for their handsets. Samsung have always offered removable battery support, and despite having top of the range hardware, even the upcoming Galaxy S4 will allow users to remove the battery, perfect for those who may need to pop in a spare whilst they are on a long journey.


Of course the iPhone is a great piece of technology and has millions of fans worldwide. But it’s dominance in the smartphone world is under huge threat, and these 5 reasons help explain why. Agree? Disagree?

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