Top 5 Travel Accessories That Won’t Cost The Earth

Top 5 Travel Accessories That Won’t Cost The Earth

Going on holiday is about much more than the destination. For me, half the fun is getting organised, buying new clothes and accessories, planning my journey and getting more than a little excited. Of course, there are many practical elements to travel that need to be addressed, such as what color suitcase will you take?!

Just a joke, but seriously, you do need to be able to see the damn thing when its coming around the carousel; when half the group waiting has the same colour suitcase, it’s a recipe for pre-beach stress, trust me, I know.

I go on a holiday a lot. I don’t mind this fact, it means I have a summer-long tan, even if the sun isn’t shining in my home town. It’s through this, that I’ve experienced pretty-much every travel accessory you can imagine, and I’ve trialled many which ended up in the bin. Some however, proved invaluable, and made getting from A to B much easier.

Let’s look at five of the best, for yourself or to give away as a gift…

1.  EatSmart Precision Digital Luggage Scale EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

I am a girl, and as a general rule, girls don’t travel light. Deciding what to take and what to leave behind is almost always dictated to by weight, and often coming home you have no idea how much your suitcase weighs, because you’ve not got a pair of scales handy, like you do at home. So a pair of travel scales – genius!

This particular set are particularly good because they are so easy to use. Two-handed design means you won’t struggle attaching and weighing, and the bright backlit LCD display means you’ll know how much you have to leave behind. Easy to pack and lightweight, they take up minimal space in your suitcase, and the life-long lithium battery (included) means they’ll keep going for longer than you’ll be going on holidays.

For avoiding excess luggage charges alone, this is probably one of the best travel investments you can make.

2.  eBags Packing Cubes- 3 piece setPacking cubes

I only discovered packing cubes a short while ago, but they’ve really made a difference to my suitcase ever since, organising it and making finding particular items much easier. Have you ever wanted to find that particular blue shirt, and had to dig out the entire contents of your case, crumpling everything, because it’s sod’s law it will be at the bottom?

Well, packing cubes take away that trauma, because your clothes are organised into separate cubes. Available in 10 fashionable colours, the cubes are easy to open and the mesh top mean you’ll know instantly what’s inside each particular section. You can even use them alone, as they have carry handles, so in effect you have three bags thrown into the price. According to a small survey conducted by the guys at ghostwriting agentur, such organizers are used by almost all travelers, as it is very convenient.

3.  PackTowl Personal Travel TowelTravel towel dual purpose

When you’re trying to travel light, maybe because you’re going back packing, you have a small bag, or only taking hand luggage, the chance to make anything smaller and lighter is a godsend. You can’t really travel without the basics, and a towel is one of them, whether you’re using it for personal hygiene, or as a beach towel. This particular product is great because it is very lightweight, folds up small, and you won’t notice it in your bag.

Available in three attractive colours, you can even fashion accessorise – my particular favourite is pacific blue. Holding four times its weight in water, simply wring it out, dry it out and re-use – it’s that simple. Machine washable to freshen up, and comes in small and medium. Saving space in that suitcase has never been so easy, and that means more room for the important things, like more shoes …

4.  Humangear GoToob 2 ounce (3 pack) travel bottlesTravel bottles 3 pack

Cosmetics and toiletries can be heavy, and often take up the bulk weight of your suitcase. I’ve found a good way to cut down is by using travel bottles, and only taking the amount you need. For instance, how often do you use a full bottle of shampoo during a week’s holiday? Exactly, you’ll end up throwing half away.

Save money and space by using these handy bottles, which are drip-free and easy to fill, meaning half of it doesn’t end up on the draining board. An identification ring on the bottle means you’ll know what’s inside, and no mistaking shampoo for moisturiser.

5.  Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Money BeltEagle Creek Travel Gear Silk Undercover Money Belt

One of the main things to consider with travel is security and safety, and of course you’re going to be travelling with large amounts of money and important documents, so it makes sense to keep them particularly safe. This cute-looking money belt, available in black and rose, is fantastic for keeping your valuables safe.

Sweat-resistant and easy to attach and remove, your currency and passport will be secure and as close to you as they can possibly get.

All the above items will ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and easier travel experience, which is basically what it’s all about!

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