Top 5 Worst Forms Of Torture

Humans have a unique ability to think outside of the box, we don’t simply create shanties to live in based on our biological drives.

We create art like “The Scream” or “Mona Lisa”, we’ve been able to create machines that can be used to keep our fellow humans alive and buildings that evoke a sense of wonder.

The human imagination is endless, and deep down in the depths of that imagination we’ve been able to create some of the most horrific and disturbing ways to treat other humans. We’ve coined them ‘Torture Methods’.

The 5 methods that we will be discussing are some of the worst ideas ever conceived by man.


5. Slow SlicingKnives used for slow slicing

This torture involves a lot of time and patience. The torturer makes hundreds and sometimes thousands of cuts along the prisoner’s body.

This is bad, obviously, but especially because the superficial cuts are deep enough to activate the most sensitive nerves in the body without causing any real damage. The prisoner would be cognizant for the entire encounter and deeply feel every cut. The wounds could be dressed in rags with acidic juices on them to increase the pain and salt can be rubbed into the wound as well.

The prisoner was only granted death after the torturer felt that the level of pain had reached optimum.

Rare photos have been released showing the torture in action here (warning – th0se images are extremely graphic so beware if easily offended).


4. The Brazen Bull

prisoner being thrown into the Bronze Bull

Depiction of a prisoner being thrown into the Bronze Bull

This was designed on request, Phalaris wanted a more painful way to execute criminals. The plan was to create a bronze bull, something that was large and intimidating even if you weren’t using it at the time.

The prisoner would be thrown into the bull and a fire would be lit underneath it. The prisoner would then have to deal with smoke inhalation and heat while the smoke quietly plumed from the nostrils of the bull.

Later on, and addition would be made to the bull so that the screams of its victims would sound like the noises and angry bull made.

One of the most intimidating torture devices out there.


3. Judas Cradle

Judas Cradle with dummy

Judas Cradle mock-up. Photo credit

This device was simple enough and relied on gravity and the fact that the human body has some very sensitive areas.

The device itself was a simple pyramid with a metal pointy tip on the end. The prisoner would then be suspended over the tip of the pyramid (usually by the vagina or anus) then gravity was left to do the work. Slowly the person would be ripped open, sometimes if it was too slow, weights would be added to the person to move things along.

If the person wasn’t torn in half fast enough, then they would simply die after a few weeks of infection.


2. White TortureTortured mentally

White torture is a broader term for that which is mainly psychological in nature. Many people may question why white torture would be on a top five list.

Well this list is full of acts that go against nature. Fight or flight never includes torture. With physical torment there is a strength in knowing that there is only so much heat the body can handle, only so much blood loss can happen before death.

Physical suffering is proof that life is finite. In mental torture there is no way to see where the end is.

Your mind will continually operate so long as your body is capable. You can live an entire lifetime with extreme mental suffering. White torture methods include sensory deprivation and isolation. People can easily lose memories and the ability to recall who they were or what they did.

White torture is also one of the few forms that are actually used by developed countries in our day.


1. Scaphism

Well where do I begin with this? This has got to be the worst.

The prisoner is traditionally tied in between two boats, his head and chest are open on one side and his feet on the other. He is then force fed foods (traditionally milk and honey) until he fills the bottom boat with feces. This could happen in a couple days, all the while the prisoner is being fed.

Once an optimum poop level has been reached the prisoner is then moved to a swampy area. He will attract all sorts of insects and birds. Some will eat him and some will simply live and reproduce in him.

If he is given food and water, he will be able to live like this for sometimes months before death will take him.  In other versions, people are tied to posts and smeared with honey then placed into a mound of fire ants.


So guys, don’t do these. Don’t sit down and try to come up with new ways to torture people. I think we need more people thinking about ways to help humanity. Agreed?

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