Top 5 Tips for a Long-Lasting and Amazing Relationship

Have you ever wondered what makes a great relationship stay that way? For many couples, the idea of maintaining a fabulous relationship flies out the window as soon as they have been together for even a few years. However, this should not be the case.

Do you want an amazing and long-lasting relationship for yourself and your loved one? If so, consider the tips outlined below.


1. Schedule Date Nights for Once a Weekcandle-lit-dinner

If you’re scratching your head trying to remember the last time you and your sweetie had a date night, you’re in trouble! According to Red Book Magazine, date night is an absolute necessity for all couples. Date night can include the old dinner-and-a-movie option, or involve something more adventurous like ice staking or bowling.

Either way, both individuals should approve of the task. If money is tight (as it is for many couples) consider doing a date night in. Making dinner together and relaxing by the fireplace with a glass of wine still counts as a date! Regardless, date night should occur at least once a week. Setting aside this quality time is key for any relationship to function.


2. Kiss Oftenkissing

As indicated by WebMD, kissing plays an important role in relationships. You should kiss your partner often and throughout the day when possible. Unfortunately for many couples who have been together a long time, kissing sometimes becomes scarce. It perhaps only turns into a morning and evening routine without much thought. Sound like you? This should certainly not be the case.

If kissing is lacking in your relationship, make an effort to step it up a notch. Surprise your significant other with a passionate kiss as soon they arrive home from work or mid-morning. Keeping the passion of the relationship alive, including the frequency of kisses, is necessary.


3. Tell the Truthtruth

The bottom line with lies? They ruin relationships. Telling the truth is key for any relationship to be strong. When lies are told, trust issues occur and one person always gets hurt. As WebMD indicates, even white lies are serious lies and should not be told to your partner. Sadly, many individuals in a relationship think it is okay to lie about something even when it is not a huge issue.

Unfortunately, small issues turn into huge problems when the lie comes out. To avoid unnecessary fights that can lead to the end of a relationship, always be truthful and honest with your partner. You’ll be happy you were!


4. Remember the Importance of Sharing

Couple on beach for honeymoon

Many people forget how to share as soon as they get beyond their childhood years. For some individuals, sharing as an adult in a committed relationship can be more difficult than it was when they were a child. The issue revolves around selfishness really. However, remembering how to share is a key component in every relationship.

Sharing can range from sharing household tasks (like cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes…yuck!) to sharing actual objects. Yes, sharing your dessert with your sweetie is a must! Sharing must also occur on a deeper level as well. Couples should share their goals for the future, feelings, as well as just their thoughts regarding the day. This back-and-forth sharing can build and maintain a strong relationship.


5. Have a Sense of Humorlaughing

Laughing at yourself – and your partner – is a must! According to Psychology Today, humor can bring lovers together. However, many couples lose their sense of humor as time goes on or direct their humor in negative ways towards the other person. To ensure that humor remains in a relationship in a positive manner, it should only be used when warranted and appropriate.

Using a joke to lighten the mood can work on occasion, but it can also cause larger issues. Most importantly, humor that indicates hostility or embarrassment should be avoided at all costs. At the end of the day, you want to be able to joke around and laugh with your partner in a way that is healthy. It really can result in a stronger, more meaningful relationship for the both of you. Sounds amazing, right?


Maintaining a great relationship (even if the two of you have been together for a long time) does not have to be difficult. It really just takes a conscious effort. Next time you feel like your relationship is slipping, review these tips and see what you might be leaving out.

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