5 Of The Best Episodes From The New Doctor Who Series

We are fast approaching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode and in honour of this prestigious occasion, I have decided to have a look back through the new series of Doctor Who and select what I believe are the 5 best episodes.

So, without further ado, please read on to see which episodes I’ve chosen!

*Some of the videos may contain spoilers – You have been warned!


5. Doomsday

The Cybermen have taken over Torchwood London and the Daleks have also made an appearance via the Genesis Ark. In a desperate attempt to save the earth, The Doctor decides to open the Void so that his enemies will be sucked in and become trapped. Rose is nearly sucked into the Void herself, but her dad appears at the last second and grabs her, then takes her back to his universe.

The last scenes between The Doctor and Rose, when he manages to communicate with her through the Void before it shuts, are incredibly touching, but you find yourself screaming, “NO!!!”, at the TV because The Doctor never finishes his sentence, which we all know was going to end with, “I love you”.


4. Blink

I wonder how many of you don’t blink when you see statues of Weeping Angels in graveyards, after watching this episode of Doctor Who?!

For those who haven’t seen it, the Weeping Angels are terrifying creatures who grab you, deposit you somewhere in history and then live off the energy that comes from the future you will no longer have. They are “quantum locked”, meaning they are extremely fast when no-one is looking at them, but if you stare at them, they turn to stone and cannot harm you.

If you blink at them, you’re dead, if you turn away, you’re dead, if the lights goes out, you’re dead.

Don’t blink!


3. A Good Man Goes To War

Amy and her baby have been kidnapped by Madame Kovarian and are being held in a place called Demon’s Run.. Rory and The Doctor set out to find and rescue them. You get a true sense of the awesomeness of The Doctor when he manages to call in some old debts and muster up an army to come and kick Kovarian’s butt!

Of course, The Doctor and Rory find Amy and it is here that we discover just who River Song is. I won’t spoil it though, in case anyone reading this hasn’t actually watched it yet!

Spoilers, sweetie!


2. The Wedding of River Song

River Song is the Impossible Astronaut sent to kill The Doctor in the first episode of this series. She refuses to do so and causes all of time to begin breaking down. We find ourselves in a parallel universe where Winston Churchill is the Holy Roman Emperor, The Doctor is his Soothsayer, Amy is a butt-kicking rebel commander and Rory is her captain.

In typical Doctor Who style, we see The Doctor and River arguing about sacrificing himself to save the universe, whilst Amy and Rory fend off a number of evil foes. The Doctor marries River, they kiss and normality is restored. That doesn’t mean that The Doctor is dead though…


1. The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End

I know, I know! I’m only supposed to mention one episode, but I can’t mention one without the other. The earth has been stolen by the Daleks. Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister (Yes, we know who you are!), contacts The Doctor’s former companions and together they call The Doctor and lead him to them. In the midst of all the chaos another Doctor and the Doctor Donna are created and together everyone helps get rid of those pesky Daleks and returns the earth safely home.

This is the only time we ever get to see all of the companions together and the show crosses over with the two spin-offs, Torchwood and The Sarah-Jane Adventures, to make these episodes truly awesome!


So there you have it. What do you think? Do you have any other favourites? If so, pop us a comment below and tell us about them!

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