5 Of The Best Ever Episodes Of Xena Warrior Princess!

5 Of The Best Ever Episodes Of Xena Warrior Princess!

This post was SO hard! Seriously! I have loved every single episode of Xena Warrior Princess and to try and select just 5 of them to write about here, was really, really difficult.

So, in no particular order, largely because that would have been just way too hard, here are the 5 best ever episodes of Xena Warrior Princess as chosen by me.


5. Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire


I simply love this episode because it has all those cooky elements that make the show so fantastic. It takes the mickey out of itself, whilst retaining that air of bad-assery (yeah, I just made that word up) that you come to expect from Xena.

The renditions of popular songs are just brilliant, with my personal favourite being Sisters are doing it for themselves, and Lucy Lawless shows us just how talented she really is with that voice of hers!


4. A Solstice Carol

Who can resist a re-working of the old Dickens classic? Not me and clearly not Xena either. It’s weird, but the whole story makes more sense when told with an Ancient Greek twist.

Xena and Gabrielle decide to teach a mean king a lesson when he bans Winter Solstice and tries to close down an orphanage on Solstice Eve. In true Dickensian style, Xena and Gabrielle pretend to be the Fates who have come to help him change his ways. Of course in the end he does and everyone lives happily ever after. I have to admit to liking the scene right at the end of the episode when Xena and Gabrielle stumble across a couple and their baby, who are clearly meant to be Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. I like it because it sets a precedent for the remainder of the show, even though you don’t actually realise it at the time.


3. Motherhood

I watched this episode, and the ones before and after it, dozens of times! If I’m honest, it’s probably my favourite for reasons too numerous to explain here. In this episode we see Xena reunited with her daughter, Eve, and together with Gabrielle they take on the Olympian Gods in an epic battle to the death.

The God of Love has given Xena the power to kill Gods. The Olympians, well some of them, want to kill Eve because she is destined to spread the word of the new God. Of course Xena won’t take that lying down! There is so much win in this episode that I simply couldn’t do it justice, so I will recommend that you find a copy and watch it, but let’s just say that I fell even more in love with Ares after doing so!


2. The Ides of March

I don’t think there is any other episode that depicts the love between Xena and Gabrielle quite as well as this one. Of course the whole show is about their relationship and the way in which they each help to develop and nuture the other. In this episode Xena is seriously injured by Callisto and Gabrielle comes to her aid, forsaking her oath to walk the path of non-violence. Gabrielle literally goes berserk and it is in this episode that we also see her transform from simply being a fighter, to becoming a warrior in her own right.


1. A Friend in Need

This episode is in two parts and they are both brilliant.

A Friend in Need is the final episode of the show and we see the years of friendship and adventures culminate into an epic battle of good versus evil. Xena fights her demons and Gabrielle stands strong by her side. Most people assume that this episode is about Xena, I don’t think it is. I believe it is about Gabrielle. To be honest the whole show has been more about Gabrielle, than Xena, when you look at it with hindsight.

The final scenes manage to express this very succinctly with a clear message that our experiences and relationships can help define or destroy us.


Which episodes are your favourite? Pop me a comment below and let me know!


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