5 Of The Best Sci-Fi TV Programmes Ever!

5 Of The Best Sci-Fi TV Programmes Ever!

I’ve always been a bit of a science fiction fan. Ever since I first watched an episode of Star Trek, I was hooked! And it’s not surprising that the phenomena of Sci-fi TV has grown exponentially since Kirk and the boys hit the TV screens back in the 60’s.

Sci-fi allows us to escape into our fantasies of alien worlds and alternate dimensions, an attempt, as it were, to make sense of our own realities and the many unexplainable occurences within it. Here, I will share with you what I believe to be 5 of the best Sci-fi TV shows ever to grace our television screens! Sit back and enjoy the trip down memory lane!

In no particular order…


5. Firefly


Nathan Fillion leads an amazing cast of actors and actresses who play the crew of the Firefly-class spaceship, Serenity. Set after the civil war, in which Fillion was a rebel, the show explored the varying degrees of human relationships and emotions, ideas about freedom and about a future that could become a very real possibility.

A wild west in outer space, the mash-up of Chinese and American languages and the terrifying Reavers, all helped to make this a show that is deserving of cult status. Sadly it only lasted for one series before being cancelled! Of course, us die-hard Firefly fans were given the film Serenity to help tie up all those annoying loose ends, but I just wish they’d make another series!! Please Sci-fi TV Gods!! Grant us our request!!


4. Doctor Who (Old and New alike)

It would be rude not to have this classic in my list. I’m pretty certain the Nerds would hire a hitman to take me out if I dared to omit it and, to be fair, who could blame them?! Ever since William Hartnell stepped out of that big blue box back in 1963, Doctor Who has become a mainstay of geekish conventions and Saturday nights ever since.

Doctor Who tells the story of a Timelord travelling the universe in search of adventure and redemption. He is often accompanied by a companion and together they right wrongs and basically fight the Daleks. The Doctor, as a Timelord, has an unusually long lifespan and can regenerate causing him to change in appearance, which has resulted in some really great hair and some not so great hair.


3. Star Trek Voyager

One of many spin-offs from the original Star Trek venture, this particular series has to be my favourite!

First off, it was the first one to have a female Captain in charge and secondly it really went further than no man has ever gone before, including finding out where the Borg originated from! Unlike the other spin-offs, Voyager feels far more like the original Star Trek because they are encountering genuinely new aliens and situations, whereas the likes of The Next Generation and Deep Space 9, whilst being interesting, simply didn’t.


2. Stargate SG1

Stargate SG1 is a spin-off from the film Stargate, about a group of soldiers and an archaeologist who travel through a gate that takes them, via some kind of wormhole, to another planet on the other side of the universe. The original TV series, and the subsequent spin-offs, build on the film and helped to spawn an entirely new genre of science fiction television.


1. The X-Files


The truth is out there. Possibly one of the most iconic quotes in science fiction history!

The X-Files was another great show that I grew up with. It tells the tale of two FBI agents, a believer in aliens, Mulder, and a sceptic, Scully, who investigate weird cases that no-one else in the FBI wants to take on, these are lovingly known as The X-Files. I don’t know about you, but after watching this show I’ve often wondered whether or not the FBI really does have an X-Files division, it’s something we’ll probably never know…


So, after that pretty impressive list, what are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!


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