5 Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Expensive dates may be fine, but affordable date nights are even better!  Next time you are at a loss for date night ideas, consider the ones listed below. Each is a cheap idea that you might not have done before. With these five ideas, you will be able to enjoy some quality one-on-one time together and do it for a price that won’t make your wallet sweat.


1. Enjoy a Late Night Picnic at the Park

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Next time you and your sweetie are scrambling for date night ideas, consider something as simple as a late night picnic in the park. All you need to do is pack some sandwiches, a few of your favorite snacks, and maybe even a bottle of wine. Easy, right? You can spend the evening talking, without the distraction of the television. A blanket for the ground is also a necessity. After you finish your picnic, you can enjoy the rest of the evening stargazing, because let’s face it:

When was the last time you really looked at the stars? The result is a relaxing and romantic evening that costs close to nothing.


2. Watch a Movie at the Drive-In


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Want to check out a movie but don’t want to pay the high price? Consider visiting the local drive-in, which is a much more affordable (and fun) option. You can bring your own popcorn and candy with you instead of paying top price for it while there. Pillows and blankets can also make your car a cozy place to be when at the drive-in.

The best part? In the event the movie gets dull, you can chat with one another without distracting others since you are in your own vehicle. That means no more dirty looks from the crowd, either!


3. Cook Dinner Together

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Even if neither of you consider yourself to be a good cook, the experience of cooking a meal together can be exciting. According to Food Network, making an easy dinner with your sweetie doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can pick a well-known staple, or attempt something new and different. Either way, the only thing you have to pay for is the ingredients. Once the meal has been cooked, enjoy it with a few candles lit. You can always pretend you’re in a nice restaurant. End the night with a quick dessert, like homemade cookies.

If the meal doesn’t turn out as planned, no worries! Order some cheap takeout instead. The point is that you both tried something out of ordinary and had a good time together while attempting to cook. Bon appétit!


4. Attend Open Mic Nightopen-mic-night

Even if you don’t have anything deep or creative to share, others do.  Attending a local mic night means you get to enjoy the work of others. This may include poetry, singing, or stand-up comedy. Regardless, the experience can be quite amusing. The cost for this entertainment is really next to nothing, as all you have to pay for is the coffee or drink you choose to have. Once the evening is over, you can challenge each other to create your own poem or silly song.

You may be surprised by how many laughs you can have together after you get your creative juices flowing. Give it a try!


5. Play in the Snow

In the midst of winter after a heavy snow has fallen, schedule a play date. You and your date can go sled at a nearby hill, and feel like a kid again doing it. After exhausting yourself by running up the hill a bunch of times, set up a snow ball fight – just watch out for the actual kids! The winner of the battle gets bragging rights, at least until next time. Once the chilly temperature catches up with you, head home and make some hot chocolate complete with the marshmallows.

This also gives you the perfect excuse to get the fireplace going if you have one too! Cuddling after is also recommended.


Date night can be fun and affordable. All it really takes is thinking outside of the box and not resorting to the average dinner-and-a-movie date. Give these unique options a try. You will be glad you did!

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