5 Of The Best (And Scariest) Urban Legends

How many of you have shared scary stories as kids? I reckon most of you have! Urban legends are often passed off as being true, and when we’re kids, it’s not hard to press that so-called “truth” home.

It’s no secret that some of the scary stories have a slight basis in fact, but generally they are pretty harmless… Well, most of the time….


5. Candyman

So, the Candyman is just a guy from a film. You say his name 5 times in a mirror and he comes and guts you with his hook. Nice, eh? We know he’s not real, yet how many of us are actually brave enough to call him out?

Let’s put it this way, I still haven’t had the balls to do it and I’m nearing my 30’s…. If you have (and survived), feel free to share your story with us!


4. Bloody Mary

Another mirror-based legend that still has many of us adults too scared to give it a go. Bloody Mary was a young girl who was buried alive after she was mispronounced dead. Legend says that on Friday 13th, if you stand in front of a mirror in the bathroom (some legends say you should run the water), holding a candle, and say her name however many times (it seems to vary), then she will appear.

Some say she will kill you, others say you will suffer some other awful fate. Whichever way you try it, this is definitely something that many of us are simply too terrified to try.


3. The Killer in the back seatMan holding knife

As seen in the opening scenes of the film Urban Legend, this is a story that has many lone travellers checking the back seats before getting into their car! There are a few variants of this story, but basically a lone woman (it always seems to be a woman…) gets into her car and starts driving, she notices a car behind her. The person in the other car occasionally flashes full headlights into the back seat of her car.

Freaked out by this the woman speeds home, all the while this car follows her. As soon as she’s home, she jumps out of the car and runs for the door. The other driver jumps out and screams something like “Quick! Lock your door and call 911, there’s a man with a knife in your back seat!”. Lo and behold when the police arrive they find a man with a butcher’s knife in the back seat – scary stuff!


2. “Humans can lick too”

This story terrified me as a youngster, so much so that I didn’t like having my feet or hands hanging out of the bed! Most of us know how this story goes: a young girl is given a dog to keep her safe whilst her parents are out at night. She wakes one night to hear drip, drip, drip and every time she gets up to turn off various taps around the house, she puts her hand under the bed to feel for the dog, who then licks her hand.

Finally, when she listens carefully to figure out that the dripping sound is coming from her bedroom cupboard, she discovers her slaughtered dog hanging upside down and the words “Humans can lick too” written in blood!


1. “Cutting in squares”

Dripping blood

There are many versions of the babysitter stories and my favourite is probably the “cutting in squares” one. Like most stories of this nature, the babysitter receives a phone call from a creepy guy. In this version the guy simply says “cutting in squares” and eventually tells her to go and check on the children, when she does she finds them cut into little squares.

She talks to the guy on the phone and asks him where he is, at which point he jumps out of the bedroom closet and attacks her! Chilling stuff! And yes, I had goosebumps thinking about this one!


I’d love to know what your favourite Urban Legends are. Which ones absolutely terrified you as a kid and still do so now?

About Cassie Raine

Cassie is a home educating mum-of-two, living in the Kentish countryside. She has a keen interest in history, especially ancient history, literature, myths and legends, theology, environmental issues, self-sufficiency and current affairs. In her spare time she enjoys reading, country walks, knitting and learning new skills. She believes passionately that learning should be a pleasure, never a chore.
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