5 Of The Most Popular Doomsday Scenarios

Many of us, whether we admit it or not, are fascinated with our demise as a species. We often ponder on what we would do if we were faced with our own unavoidable destruction. This very obsession has led to shows such as Doomsday Preppers, Revolution, Falling Skies and The Walking Dead becoming very popular.

I discovered that a guy called Chris had started a poll to find out what we believe is the most likely Doomsday scenario, I’ve included a link below. I have decided to use his poll as a basis for this article, the percentages I include were correct at the time of writing.

I would like it to be known that whilst the Zombocalypse isn’t in the top 5 scenarios, with only 3% of the votes, I firmly believe that it is the most probable and it has absolutely nothing to do with my obsession over Daryl Dixon


5. Pandemics and Natural Disasters – 5%

erupting volcano

In joint 5th place, we have Pandemics and Natural Disasters. Over the last few decades we have seen an increase in the reports of pandemics and natural disasters wreaking havoc across continents, but the question remains, is this really something to fear?

Are we really seeing an increase in these kinds of events, or is it that advancements in technology and the media have allowed them to become more widely reported? Even if they are occuring more frequently, are they really an issue to worry about, in terms of a global catastrophe? Who knows? But it’s clearly on the minds of some of you out there.


4. Solar Flare – 7%

Solar flare prediction

Prediction of solar storm – NASA image

Many preppers believe that a strong enough Solar Flare could wipe out all electronics on the planet, thus plunging us into a world similar to the one in Revolution. It is possible that this could happen, but in all probability it won’t.

We are constantly bombarded by the charged particles that are sent out when our sun emits flares and we are yet to be severely affected by it, our atmosphere sees to that. However, it is probably wise to learn how to cope without electricity, should the lights go out.


3. E. M. P (Electromagnetic Pulse) – 8%


Another electricity themed scenario, I get the feeling we are a little obsessed with the stuff. An E.M.P is generally a weapon that sends out a magnetic pulse designed to wipe out electricity in a given area. The effect would naturally be catastrophic, since we rely on electricity for almost everything these days. Of course the threat could come from a number of places, such as the sun, but it is usually believed to be something that would be launched from one country against another.

What did I just say about learning to cope without electricity?


2. World War III – 9%

Nuclear test pacific

It seems that the threat of World War III, specifically a nuclear war, is strong in the minds of many of us. You only need to switch on the news to see yet another story about conflicts raging around the globe. That said, with so many countries armed with nuclear weapons, is there really a likelihood of all out war, or is it more a case of tentative peace?

In all honesty, I find it hard to believe that there are many leaders who would want to risk such an event, even those we perceive as the “bad guys”.


1. Financial Collapse – 49%

Man walking aimlessly after financial collapse

I’m certainly not surprised to see this scenario taking the top spot, I’m even less surprised at the staggering number who believe in the likelihood that it will happen. Do you know why? Because we’ve seen it before. With Wall Street and The Great Depression that followed. We’ve seen it recently with the economic crisis in Greece. This is definitely one of the most likely events and is deserving of serious consideration.


Do you agree with this list? If not, why not pop a comment below and perhaps even head on over to the poll itself to vote. Don’t forget to bump up that Zombie Apocalypse, I want to see Daryl running around with his crossbow!



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