5 Prophecies From Nostradamus That Came True

5 Prophecies From Nostradamus That Came True

When people think of prophecies, this guy’s name often pops up and with good reason, it is thought that dozens of his prophecies have come true! When I decided to write this article, I wasn’t entirely sure how I would select them, so I opted to randomly open 5 pages of the book I picked up about Nostradamus’ prophecies. Tis scientific, honest…

There is much debate over the accuracy of Nostradamus’ predictions, but there is no denying the scary similarities between them and things that have actually happened. So, read on to learn about 5 prophecies from Nostradamus that, seemingly, came true. I have included a link below to a site that has uploaded The Quatrain in full, the predictions of Nostradamus, in case you wish to learn more.


5. Napoleon takes Milan, 15th May 1796

Napoleon Bonaparte

“Before the attack a speech is delivered. Milan, fooled by an ambush, is captured by the Eagle. The ancient walls are breached by cannon. In fire and blood, few receive quarter.”

In 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte took control of France’s Italian army. The troops were disheartened, but by utilising his oratorical skill he managed to rally them into battle. He then marched on Milan and occupied the city. He lost control shortly afterwards, but regained it in 1800.


4. Pearl Harbour

Japanese fighter plane

“A naval force will be overcome at night. Fire in the ruins of the ships of the West, a new disguise in the great coloured ships, fury from the vanquished and victory in the mist.”

Many of us are fully aware of the attack on Pearl Harbour that sparked the entry of the United States into World War II, but I admit to being one of those who had no idea that Nostradamus is supposed to have predicted this event. Those who believe this theory suggest that this quatrain is describing the Japanese air force that attacked and destroyed 6 battleships without warning in the early hours of 7th December 1941.


3. Hitler’s Invasion of Holland, Belgium and France

Nazi soldiers marching and swastika flag

“When the great one carries off the prize of Nuremberg, of Augsburg, and of Basel; Frankfurt retaken by the leader of the Cologne. He will go through Flanders, right into the heart of France.”

It is suggested that this quatrain refers to the early years of Hitler’s triumphs. In 1933 and 1934 there were rallies in the city of Nuremberg and this was where the stage was set for Hitler’s plans to begin taking shape. Perhaps most compelling is the mention of Flanders, as this was the path through Holland and Belgium used to invade France in 1940.


2. The death of Queen Bess

queen elizabeth the first

“She who was rejected will return to reign, her enemies will become conspirators. More than ever her rule will be triumphant. She will die at seventy-three.”

Nostradamus was out by 3 years, as Queen Elizabeth I died aged 70, but what is perhaps most interesting is his description of her life. She was indeed supplanted for her brother, then her sister, before eventually coming to the throne in 1558. She also spent much of her life at loggerheads with those who conspired against her and her 45-year reign is often referred to as “the golden age”. So it is no wonder that many believe he is talking about Queen Bess in this quatrain.


1. Apollo XI

Buzz Aldrin on moon

“He will travel to the corner of the moon, where he will walk on foreign soil. The unripe fruit will be the subject of great scandal, great blame, but also great praise.”

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Nostradamus is probably talking about Neil Armstrong’s moon walk in 1969, but there is disagreement over what the “great scandal” actually is. Some have hypothesised that he is referring to the argument over whether resources would be better spent on the Vietnam war, instead of space exploration, whilst others have suggested he is talking about the incident that is Apollo XIII.

I am certainly finding Nostradamus fascinating to study and would love to hear your thoughts on this subject in the comments below!





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