5 Random News Stories From The Past Week – w/c Monday 10th March

This week I decided to choose my news stories a little differently; usually I read a selection of articles from a number of sites and then make a random selection that way, this week I simply went onto a few sites and clicked 5 headlines that interested me; then I read them. Who knew there was more than one way to randomly select news articles?!

Anyway, here they are; I have included links so that you can read the stories in full on the relevant websites.


5.  Chinese Baby Hatch Closes

A couple of months ago I watched a heart-warming documentary about a South Korean man who had created  the Baby Box, a hatch that desperate mothers could safely leave their unwanted babies in to be removed and cared for by local authorities.

It seems that a similar centre exists in China; in fact the Chinese government have provided funding to allow 25 of these centres to be created around the country.Unfortunately, a centre in Guangzhou has had to close for the time being in order to care for the hundreds of infants already housed there; they have been literally overwhelmed. Hopefully they can re-open soon, the thought of hundreds of babies being dumped on the street is too horrifying to contemplate.


4.  It Seems Einstein Was Right!


100 years ago, in his theory of general relativity, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves.  It is understood that these waves are the result of the Big Bang, the moment when the Universe is believed to have been created, and that they can now be detected using the BICEPS2 telescope, located in Antarctica.

The telescope can detect a particular type of background radiation, believed to be left over from the Big Bang, and it has apparently now detected swirling patterns of light within the radiation which is thought to be proof of the existence of gravitational waves. If this is the case, then it spells exciting times ahead for those seeking to learn more about the beginning of time.


3.  Ban the Bossy

Hmm, I have to admit to cringing a little when I read this story; Sheryl Sandberg, and others, wants us to ban the word “bossy” when describing girls, apparently this will improve their self-esteem or something. Don’t get me wrong, I understand where she’s coming from, it is true that there are still an awful lot of gender-specific insults weighted against women, but I really don’t think that banning the word “bossy” is the way to tackle it.

Personally, I believe in empowering young women to be all they can be, rather than attempting to walk down the censorship path. Sure, there are laws in place to deal with sex discrimination, and rightly so, but it takes the biscuit when people start demanding that everyday words be banned.


2.  A History of Quidditch

harry potter book cover

Who else is as excited as I am to learn that J.K. Rowling has been adding more to the Harry Potter Universe by creating a history of Quidditch?! I knew it!

She has published the first half of The History of The Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore, her official HP website, and it is safe to say that she does not disappoint. You need to stop what you are doing and go take a look…  Now!


1. Zombie Moss

zombie woman

Oh, you just know I can’t go too long without mentioning zombies; I’m slightly obsessed with them, so you can probably imagine the squeals when I stumbled across this article! It seems that a group of scientists from the British Antarctic Survey have managed to defrost and encourage growth in a 1,500 year-old moss taken from beneath the Antarctic permafrost.

And of course, where there is defrosted zombie moss there is discussion regarding the freezing of more complex life forms, aka humans, in the future, but let’s not stick our heads in the freezer just yet.


So there you have it; what did you think of this week’s stories? Let me know in the comments below!











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