5 Random News Stories From The Past Week – W/C Monday 20/01/2014

From Marmegeddon to the possibility of life on another planet in the solar system, here you will find 5 random news stories from the past week that will make you laugh out loud, feel a little awestruck and possibly even marvel at the stupidity of some members of the human race.

Read on to learn more about what’s been happening this week.


5. Marmegeddon


Erm, yes. Some of you may have heard, whilst others may not, about the Canadian government deciding that Marmite is the essence of evil. OK, so that’s a slight exaggeration, but they are trying to put a ban on it entering their country along with Irn-Bru, Lucozade and even Ovaltine! Madness!

Naturally there has been uproar over this much loved, or hated, foodstuff with many asking for Justin Bieber to be banned from the UK in retaliation. Personally, I can understand the desire to ban the Bieber, but the beloved Marmite gets such a bad reputation. Poor Marmite.


4. Blue-eyed boy

blue eyes

Very old, blue-eyed man, around 7000 years-old to be precise. Recent DNA extraction and studies on a skeleton found in a cave system in north-west Spain, have learned that he possessed genetic traits that would have resulted in his having blue eyes, dark skin and possibly curly brown hair – a particularly rare combination.

It would seem that from the study of this skeleton, it can be assumed that everyone alive today with blue eyes can trace their ancestral history back to one specific familial group in which this mutation initially occurred.


3. Life on Ceres?

Ceres, a type of planet known as a dwarf planet, exists in a region of space between Mars and Jupiter. Last year, the ESA’s Herschel space telescope detected water vapour emissions coming from Ceres. It is believed that this vapour presents the possibility of microbial life existing on the planet, although scientists hope to learn more when the Dawn spacecraft examines Ceres in early 2015.

It is certainly interesting and is a project that I will aim to keep my eye on, because the idea of possible life on another planet, especially so close to home, is simply fascinating!


2. Boob Deodorant

Surprise woman

When I read this article, I literally roared with laughter at the absurdity of it. It reminded me of the book I had just finished, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, where all kinds of weird products were created to make people look, smell and feel “better”. In some ways it’s a little scary the manner in which such companies will try to prey on one’s insecurities.

The idea is that when you sweat, the sweat gets trapped in your breasts and can cause a repulsive, sweaty smell, the boob deodorant supposedly acts in the same manner as armpit deodorant to cancel out the smell.

Personally, I prefer to have a wash. AnooYoo and Rejoov will have to wait an age before they’re getting their hands on my money!


1. Biotech Boom

Hmm. What was I just saying about Oryx and Crake? In the book all kinds of synthetic biology was prominent in Atwood’s future dystopia and it seems like we are on a similar path in the real world, especially when you have a company called Synthace heading such projects, definitely sounds like something out of the novel. But let’s not get too cynical just yet.

From bio-luminescent bacteria for lighting to detecting Alzheimer’s early, there is a hive of activity within this relatively new field and whilst I am very much sceptical of the possible uses of E-Coli that smells like bananas, I genuinely hope that this technology is put to good use.


What do you think of this week’s news stories? Let me know in the comments below!


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