5 Random News Stories from the Past Week w/c Monday 24th February 2014

Another week, another bunch of news stories. Some are worthy of attention, others not so much. Here, as usual, I have randomly selected 5 news stories from the past week; one of these stories has been at the forefront of the mind for many of us, whilst the others might be unknown altogether.

Read on to see which stories I have chosen to make it into this week’s top 5 random news stories!


5.  Youngsters can now join Starfleet

Young astronaut

OK, so we’ve not quite mastered the art of quantum mechanics or invented the warp drive yet, but The National Space Academy is getting together with Loughborough College and Leicester University to provide training to prospective cadets at the National Space Centre in Leicester; enabling them to eventually qualify as space engineers – that’s a pretty cool career choice!


4.  Doomsday vault receives more seeds


I had no idea there was a doomsday vault in the Arctic and I certainly had no idea that seeds from thousands of crops around the world are being stored inside it for safe keeping.  They have recently received another batch of some 20,000 crops, including some from Japan.

I admit when I read this story I had that faint, nauseous feeling that the events that unfolded in the films Deep Impact and 2012 weren’t quite as fictitious as we’ve been led to believe. After all, if the food supply is being protected in case of some future, supposedly make-believe disaster, then undoubtedly there are going to be government built bunkers ready to hold the elite as well. Nah, surely these are just the paranoid ramblings of a conspiracy theorist. It does present an interesting point though, which is that it is wise to be prepared in case of a disaster, it’s not like disasters never happen…


3.  Climate change is a serious concern

Polar ice drift

I’ve been hearing about climate change my whole life and have taken it seriously enough to attempt to limit my own impact on the environment – by doing things like recycling; but it seems that The Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences are now so worried, they’ve united to produce a report in a bid to stress how dire the situation will become.

It is actually quite natural for the world’s climate to fluctuate and change, it’s been happening for billions of years, but what isn’t natural is the speed with which the climate has been changing, particularly in the last 150 years or so.

It might be worthwhile to pay attention to this report.


2.  Ukraine

Russian soldiers

Unless you are a hermit, or are living under an enforced media blackout, you will have undoubtedly heard about the happenings in Ukraine. Some have even likened it to the possible beginning of WWIII, but hopefully it won’t go that far.

Naturally many have wondered what will happen next, especially with Russia’s naval fleet mobilised in the Black Sea. There has been much speculation about the next move, from diplomatic relations with Russia, to Putin setting himself up as the next Milosevic. John Kerry has even suggested that Russia be economically isolated if Putin attempts to start a war.

Whatever comes from the current stand-off, it’s unlikely to be good.


1.Man saves duck

Duck on water

OK, so after all of those rather depressing news stories, I thought it would be nice to end with a lovely one.

A Swedish man, Kenth “Kenta” Rehn, and his friends were walking alongside a lake when they spotted a duck trapped on a fishing hook. Rehn thought nothing of stripping down to his underpants and diving in to rescue the duck.

The whole thing was filmed by one of his friends on the shore, was uploaded to Youtube and has since gone viral. Thankfully the duck wasn’t badly injured and managed to fly away and Rehn didn’t catch hyperthermia.


So, what do you think of this week’s list? Let me know in the comments below!











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