5 Top Fashion Blogs To Follow Right Now

5 Top Fashion Blogs To Follow Right Now

Blogging has changed the face of internet communication and information. These days you’ll find a blog on just about any topic you can think of, including a writer’s personal musings and life. It’s a great way for a budding writer to get their voice out there, and fantastic practice.

However blogging has become much more than someone’s general musings, these days blogs are becoming the place to go for up to date information and opinions.

Fashion is an ever-changing industry, and fashion blogs are now the place to head for the latest fashion news. With that in mind, how you do you sort through the good and bad? Well, here are five of my favorite fashion blogs to have a look at.


1.     Face Hunter

facehunter fashion blog

Glossy, famous and packed full of top-notch designer news, Yvan Rodic’s top fashion blog has seen him rise from a humble beginnings to a famous fashion blogger, with a book under his belt. Packed with news from the top designers, the looks heading down the runway this season, and what’s tipped to be hot in the future, this is the place to go.

Full of photographs, and a packed site, perfect for those high-end looks.



2.     Park & Cube


One of my favorites, purely because Park and Cube explores the other side of designer couture, perfect for those of us who can’t afford the designer price tags. Let’s face it, not that many of us can afford to spend a small fortune on a skirt, and Park & Cube explores ways us mere mortals can replicate the designer look on a shoe-string budget, with lots of DIY projects and interesting news to boot.

Quite an abstract looking site, and easy to navigate too.



3.     Elleelle

One of my favourite fashion and lifestyle magazines, Elle is famous world-wide, so you can expect lots of mainstream news, views and photographs from the world of fashion. With their well-known reputation, this gives access to some of the top names in fashion, meaning a more personal viewpoint.

Great for gossip and upcoming trends, especially if you’re into celebrity looks and fashion. Reliable and regularly updated.



4.     Fashion Toast


A glitzy, glittering-looking site with the perfect mixture of high-end, designer wear, and more cost-effective high street alternatives. I like how chatty this site is, a true blog, with lots of news, opinions and views to soak up. Not at all pretentious and again, easy to navigate.



5.     She Wears Fashion


Simple, chatty, down to earth – just the way I like my blogs. She Wears Fashion is aimed at, and completely satisfies, the normal, every day fashion fan, with lots of photographs replicating looks, suggestions for style, as well as information about the writer’s personal life and what’s been going on. A good all-rounder for fans of fashion and gossip basically.



These are my top five, but there are thousands of top quality fashion blogs out there. It all depends on your fashion tastes, what you like to read and how you like to read it. Check out my top 5 fashion blog suggestions and see what you think, and feel free to add any suggestions of your own!

About Nicky Curtis

Nicky Curtis is a freelance writer of two years duration, although she has written for her own enjoyment for many years. Nicky specialises in all things travel and beauty, and she is currently writing her own book, set in Turkey, which has become her second home over the last few years. A typical "girly girl", Nicky writes about the topics that are dear to her heart, hoping readers connect in the same way.
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