5 Trending News Stories From The Past Week (w/c 5th January 2014)

As always there is plenty going on in the world and this week has been no different. By reading a few current affairs websites, I have selected 5 trending news stories from the past week.

Read on to see which news stories everyone else has been reading since Sunday 5th January 2014.


5. Mark Duggan

Earlier this week a jury decided that unarmed Mark Duggan had been lawfully killed by armed police officers in 2011. It is generally believed that his death was the catalyst for the violent riots that took place in the UK shortly afterwards and in the wake of the jury’s verdict there have been concerns over further riots and violence.

Today, however, Mark Duggan’s family managed to organise, and hold, a peaceful vigil in his honour outside Tottenham police station. The vigil was also used as an opportunity to protest against deaths that occur in police custody. His family have asked for there to be “no more violence”, they just want justice for Mark.

The reaction of the Duggan family has been commended by the Prime Minister and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.


4. Extreme Weather

It seems that a number of areas have been experiencing extreme weather conditions over the past week. From strong winds and major flooding in the UK, to sub-zero temperatures that have been literally freezing parts of the US.

There has been amazing footage and photography of the devastation wreaked by this amazingly scary weather, but there has also been a lot of damage and sadly some loss of life too.

Hopefully things will start to improve soon and indeed in some areas they already have.


3. Near collision with a UFOsci fi tv shows

You read that correctly. It would seem that back in July the captain of Airbus A320, a passenger jet, reported a near miss with a “rugby ball like” shaped UFO. He saw it travelling towards the plane as they flew over the Berkshire countryside, UK.

It would appear that the unidentified object passed by without impacting, although authorities are stumped as to what it could have been. We are only hearing about it now because the report wasn’t published until recently.


2. Rise in number of Exorcists

possessed woman

Even though priests often dismiss the idea of possession by the Devil, instead suggesting that most of the time people are simply in need of medical and psychiatric attention, it would seem that there are enough people who do believe in such possessions for the Church to take it seriously. The Roman Catholic Church has endorsed the training of a new generation of exorcists to fulfil the demand for exorcisms.

For those who do genuinely believe in the idea of possession, the blame apparently rests firmly on those who supposedly practise black magic, Paganism, Satanism and play around with Ouija boards.


1. Tortured to death

10-year-old Iram Ramzan was beaten to death by her employer, Nasira Mahmood and last week her employer confessed to the crime. Iram’s mother, who lost a hand in a threshing accident, had sent her daughter to work for the Mahmoods in Pakistan’s Punjab province, and had sent her other daughters to work for other families, in the belief that she would be safer working as a domestic servant than begging on the streets.

The death of this little girl has raised concerns over the country’s child labour laws and the lack of legal guidelines in place to protect children like Iram.


What do you think of this week’s popular news stories? Pop a comment below and let us know!

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