5 Top Tips For Applying Makeup Like A Professional

With a myriad of makeup products out there on the market, we should really be learning how to use them properly. I have a cupboard full of mascaras, eyeshadows, eyeliners, false lashes, lipsticks, lip-glosses … you name it, I have it and probably three spare as well.

I imagine many of you are the same, however how many of you know how to apply make-up properly, and get the results of a professional make-up artist? It can be done!

1.     Use good quality brushes

applying makeup at home like a professional

Whilst it’s tempting to buy cheap products, especially during these times of tightening our belts, you won’t get the best results, so it’s important to invest in really good quality tools. Not only will they last longer, with proper cleaning, but your end results will be much smoother and as a result, more professional.

2.     Start with a clean canvas

moisturize You wouldn’t paint a wall with bits of paper hanging off and rough areas, would you? Your face is the same, so cleanse, tone and moisturize nightly, wash your face with gentle products in the morning, and then apply a primer before you put your make-up on, to smooth out any rough bits of skin and create an even skin surface.

3.     Light and shade

applying-eyeshadow Highlighting and contouring is the basic bread and butter method used by professional beauty artists. Those jutting cheekbones you see on that model in Vogue, well she might have them naturally, but she also might have been sat in the make-up chair having them created for her, and you can too.

Use a lighter product than your skin tone to make an area stand out, and a darker product to pull it back. For a step-by-step guide on how to change your face shape, check out this helpful article.

4.     It’s all about the eyes

Eyes are the window the soul, heard that one? Well, it’s true, so make yours stand out with a beautiful smoky effect. Smoky eyes will never go out of fashion, and for a mysterious, sexy look, it’s important to get the technique right, otherwise you’ll end up looking more panda than vixen. Blending is the name of the game, and priming those eyelids so your make up product stays where it’s meant to.

The video above will give you the perfect tutorial on how to perfect this dramatic style.

5.     Analyse your make-up style

professional-makeup2 Finally, any make-up artist worth there salt will take a good look at your face before getting on with any dramatic style, as not every colour will suit every complexion. The rule of thumb is generally to work with what God gave you, and not against it!

If something doesn’t look right, whether it’s in fashion or not, avoid it like the plague.   Your face is an open canvas, and applying make-up is the same as creating a new painting. Look after your skin and cosmetic products will glide on much easier, and will generally be much longer-lasting.

One final tip – always remove your make up at night! Not only is the panda look not a good one, but it’s terrible for your skin.

Enjoy creating your new look! Got any top tips you’d like to share in the comments?

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