The 5 Most Pirated Movies of 2012

With over 40 million downloads between them , these top 5 most pirated films of 2012 show that there is no let up in illegal filesharing. While the debate rages on elsewhere as to the legality, morality and effects of file-sharing, we will focus on the facts only in this list.

Courtesy of TorrentFreak, and based on BitTorrent downloads.


1. Project X – 8.7 million estimated downloads

A bit of a stinker according to RottenTomatoes, but the reviews didn’t put off the downloaders. However, this comedy from The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips fared the least well out of this top 5 list, taking ‘only’ $96 million worldwide.


2. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – 8,500,000 downloads

Sterling reviews and nearly $700 million in box office takings worldwide. This is Cruise’s fourth outing as Ethan Hunt, although it seems like more, possibly because the first installment came out back in 1996?  A fifth in the series is apparently on the way in 2015.


3. The Dark Knight Rises – 8,230,000

The final, and brilliant (well, most agree on this) installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The critics liked it, and so did cinema-goers, adding up to over $1billion in box office takings worldwide (making it the third highest earner of 2012, and currently 8th of all time). Here’s an interesting post on the future of Nolan’s (and Bale’s) Batman.


4. The Avengers – 8,110,000

With over $1.5 billion dollars in worldwide box office takings, this is the biggest earner on this list. Like the Dark Knight Rises, the high number of pirated downloads didn’t seem to affect takings. It is also reached $1billion faster than any film in history and is third on the highest grossing list of all time. It really is a blast of a film, especially since there seemed to be several possible reasons why it wouldn’t work (the big egos involved in the cast for one). Great fun, great action, great reviews and hopefully a great sequel to come.


5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – 7,850,000

Another flick that stars Robert Downey Jr.. Directed by Guy Ritchie, this sequel to the 2009 original installment received mixed reviews and a decent $500 million at the box office. Popular with BitTorrent user also of course, and a third in the series is planned.


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