The Top 5 Beaches In The World, And What Makes Them So Fab

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a beach fantastic. Some people like sand, some like shingle; some people like clear, azure waters, some like rock-pools to explore. Whatever your preference, it all comes down to one thing – natural beauty.

A top five list of the most amazing beaches will always be based on someone’s personal view, and not everyone will agree. So to cut down on arguments, this is my top five – feel free to disagree, or add your own suggestions!

1. Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi (Thailand)

Maya Bay Beach, Ko Phi Phi  (Thailand)

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This is not because I still have a crush on Leonardo Di Caprio, but because this is simply a stunning bit of nature. In case you didn’t get the Di Caprio comment, this is where “The Beach” was filmed, and anyone who has ever seen that film will remember the jaw-dropping scene where our intrepid travellers first set eyes on paradise. It really is paradise, there is no other way to describe it. If you want to witness every shade of blue, you’ll see it in the ocean, surrounded by green, imposing mountains. Amazing.

2. Na’ama Bay, Egypt

Traveller on amazing beach

Located in famous Sharm el Sheikh – that should conjure up a vision for you. Yes, you got it – fish. The dive sites around here are world-famous, and for anyone wanting to see the colourful underwater residents of this vibrant part of the world, then this is the place for you. The beach itself is mostly artificial, and located at the end of the desert, giving it a strange castaway feel. Busy in summer though, my tip is to get there early.

3. Sun Island Beach, Maldives

Maldvies beach

For me, this is the epitome of otherworldly paradise. I know I said Maya Bay was paradise, but Sun Island Beach is the one you’re probably picturing in your mind – bungalows on stilts over the water, the Indian Ocean so clear it looks like glass, the brightest, strangest marine life swimming under your bed – this is the best beach money can buy, but it certainly will take money to visit it. Everything has a downside, you see.

4. Nungwi, Zanzibar

Family on holiday at sunset

Africa has some wonderful sights, from the animals of Kenya, to the mountains of Cape Town, but the eastern country of Zanzibar has something none of the others has – a beach so perfect, it could make angels weep. Safe, shallow waters are a definite pull, meaning the fish practically swim around your feet. Can’t swim? Well you and me both, so this means even we can witness some underwater nature!

5. Venice Beach, California

Jumping with balloons on beach

Whilst Venice Beach might not be one of those beaches you automatically think of in terms of beauty, it has something no other does – weirdness. Muscle men pumping iron the beach? Check. Roller-blading Barbies? Check. Designer Chihuahuas? Lots.

This is the beach for people watching, and if there’s one thing in this world I love, it’s people watching. The fact I can gaze at the sublime to the ridiculous, whilst sunning on a beautiful beach, catching the rays and getting a tan just adds up to a great bonus.

The world is full of beauty, and most is around the shoreline. Where is the most amazing beach you’ve ever visited?

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