The Top 5 Environmental Issues We All Need To Know About

Everyone knows about global warming, and we all know we should recycle, but here are 5 huge issues not many people know about. Check out the list, do you think I missed something? Are you pro-fracking? Do you find your internet signal best on a trash island? Well tell me about it!


5. Nuclear Energynuclear-plants

Believe it or not, I’m not going to sit here and rag on nuclear energy. The fact is that it is one of the cleanest most efficient energy sources (and no, Mr. Burns is not looking over my shoulder on this). When done properly nuclear energy is much safer than coal, not only to the environment but to the workers, it’s more efficient than wind energy and the byproduct of nuclear power is easier to control than in other power sources where it is dumped or puffed out into the air.


4. Floating Trash Islands

So you did your diligence right? You cut the holes in your six pack plastic, you recycle, you religiously throw your trash out. But where does it go? If we are lucky it heads to some landfill that will eventually become a beautiful meadow, or perhaps a golf course. If we are unlucky, some schmuck dumps it in the ocean, then because of ocean flow patterns it all congeals together into one strange mass, killing off populations of fish and algae. I for one loved Flipper and Free Willy, trash islands are a no-go.


3. Fracking

Hey I have an idea! Let’s pump a bunch of dangerous chemicals into the ground so we can break a few plates in the earth and get some natural gas! Which chemicals? Hmmm how about: Formaldehyde, Crystalline silica, Sulfuric acid, Naphthalene, Hydrogen fluoride, Lead, Diesel fue, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, and Ethylbenzene. We can also put another 600 “proprietary” ingredients in it. Then when we are done let’s leave 50% of those chemicals in so they can leech into the local ground water. Oh wait, let’s not do that. That could kill people and ruin our water sources.


2. Over Population


Think of the earth as a classroom that can support 30 kids. Right now we’ve got 20, but all 20 of those kids have decided to invite 20 friends. What does this mean? Some kids are going to be missing out on their chocolate milk, some won’t be able to lay down for nap time, and eventually there will be so many kids that they will start demolishing the room in order to make use of every supply available. Then there is no class room. Earth won’t cease to exist, but it will take a huge ecological hit that it might never recover from.


1. Polar Ice Caps Melting

Now I like water as much as the next person, our bodies are made up of 90% water anyway. The Earth however, has an entire system dedicated to the processing and recycling of water, we should have all we need. We don’t need any ice to melt, in fact we need it to stay where it is! If the polar ice caps are allowed to continue to melt we lose the protective covering the ice gives the Earth, warmer climates will allow different species to die out or breed more rapidly, and rising sea levels will erode coasts and gobble up cities, the Maldives would be one of the first nations to go.


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