Top 5 Gifts For Dog Lovers

Top 5 Gifts For Dog Lovers

Having a pet dog is a joy; a beautiful fluffy boy or girl who will remain by your side through good times and bad, always ready to give you a slobbery kiss whenever you’re down. I have a pet Jack Russell and he’s probably the single most loyal person (yes, I refer to him as a person) in my life, so I spoil him rotten with walks, toys, treats and lots of cuddles.

There are countless dog toys and accessories out there on the market, but our furry friend is special and deserves the best, and like most things, there are some questionable quality goods out there. It’s important to buy only top-notch. Of course, being a dog owner also has other perks, such as accessories for the home and the more practical aspects, such as seat covers.

Let’s look at five of the best gifts you could buy a dog lover.

1. Dog Treat Maker with Decorating KitDog Treat Maker with Decorating Kit

My personal favourite! What could be better than making your own delicious treats for your beloved pooch, with 6 different shaped cutters to choose from?

Quick and easy, ready in just 5 minutes, this fantastically cute gift not only adds fun to a boring afternoon, makes your furry friend smile, but it also saves money, as making your own treats means no need to buy them from the supermarket. Go on, the dog will love it too. The guys from bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen did a little challange. They made these cookies and cooked the dogs at the shelter.

2.  ‘Let’s go for a walk’ Dog Leash / Coat RackWall Coat Rack Hooks

Accessorising your house to go with the furry addition to your household is a must, after all, if you’re allowed a coat hook, surely they are! This fun, yet classy-looking wall hanging is perfect for somewhere to store a lead, and handy when you need to find it quick!

Painted glossy black, the hanging comes with matching screws and anchors for easy wall hanging, meaning less mess. Classy and practical.

3.  Solvit Pet Bench Seat CoverSolvit Deluxe Pet Bench Seat Cover

Unfortunately one of the downsides of one of the more popular breeds of dog is that they shed hair, get muddy paw marks everywhere and generally can leave a bit of a mess behind, especially on your car’s back seat after a long walk on a rainy day. Easily solved!

This luxurious yet very functional micro suede back seat cover will protect your upholstery and keep your beloved pet comfortable and warm all at the same time. Easily fitted with two adjustable straps and machine washable, it will probably be one of the godsend buys you’ll find comes with the joys of having a dog!

4.  Drinkwell Platinum Pet FountainDrinkwell pet fountain gift

You’ll probably be more than aware of the mess and spillages that comes from having bowls of water down on the floor for your dog to drink from. It can’t be avoided, you’d think, because hydration is one of the most important things for good doggy health. However, this handy invention keeps your pooch hydrated, and means no spillages all over your clean floor. With its 5” free falling water stream, it’s easy to clean too.

Holding 168 fluid oz of water, it will last without needing to be filled up constantly and doesn’t need to be attached to a water-line, so you can keep it almost anywhere in the house, wherever’s easier for the dog to reach.

5.  Chuckit! Classic 26m LauncherChuckit! Classic 26M Launcher

You’ll no doubt have come across this particular product, whilst walking through the park. Fantastic for doggy, as it means further to run, lots more exercise and fun, and great for the owner, as it means no more picking up a slimy, slobbery tennis ball, this hands-free ball thrower can throw up to 3 times as far as you can alone!

It comes in various colours, and comes with one medium sized ball to get you started.

As you can see, having a pet dog is more than walks, feeding, watering and picking up after, and in my experience it is a labor of complete and utter love, that is more than worth it for the lovely slobbery kisses and doggy hugs you’ll get in return. All the above accessories are great for both dog and owner, and whether functional or fun, they’re certainly worth thinking of as a gift for your a dog-loving friend or family member.

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