The 5 Highest Grossing Video Games of All Time

Greetings all and welcome once again to another of my little top five lists. So I’ve talked about the most violent games, and what I feel were some of the best games of recent years. But today let’s break it down to brass tacks! Games are a business, and a big one at that. The main reason we have games is because they make money, so today, we’ll take a look at what games have done the best at just that.


5. Wii Play (Wii)

When the Nintendo Wii came out, it took the world by storm. While a lot of the titles that came out for the system were silly little party games like Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, and Wii Play, the novelty of the new control style carried them easily. Wii Play was the most popular of the aforementioned little party games though, bringing in a cool $1.25 Billion dollars.


4. Grand Theft Auto 4 (Multiplatform)

Rockstar took their time on the 4th numbered entry into the illustrious Grand Theft Auto series. They bided their time though Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City Stories before giving the fans GTA 4. The numbers tell us that it must have been worth the wait however, as GTA 4 turned a tidy profit, while it cost over $100 million dollars to make, it managed to pull in over $1.35 billion dollars in gross pay. Niko can take that check to the bank.


3. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

One of the first big name titles to show up on the relatively new Wii system, and always a strong contender in previous generations, Mario Kart Wii did not let Nintendo down, selling 28 million copies and bringing in $1.4 smackers. 3rd place isn’t a bad place to be on this list, but I’m sure Nintendo wished they could have brought a blue shell to this competition.


2. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Multiplatform)

After the huge success of Modern Warfare 2, Activison went about the intense task of topping MW2’s sales. Surprisingly, they managed to do this relatively easily all things considered. Black Ops sold over 23 million copies in just four months from its release, which is to say nothing of the gross income of 1.5 billion that it brought in.


1. World of Warcraft (PC)

You may have noticed all the other entries on this list are pretty close in gross income. The range spans from about $1.2-$1.5 billion dollars, total all the games above put together would average out around $5 Billion. Blizzard however, created the goose that is still laying golden eggs, with gross profits well over $10 billion dollars; WoW is worth more than every other game on this list. There is simply no disputing that World of Warcraft is the highest grossing video game of all time.


There you have it gamers, ever wondered why every MMO out on the market wants to be WoW? It’s because WoW is pretty much the most successful video game of all time and they all want some of that sweet, sweet nectar. Go forth and game on my friends, and remember to support your favorite series while you’re at it.


Source: Figures correct as of end of 2011

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