Time-Killers: The 5 Best Ever iPhone Apps

With an app market diluted with hundreds of thousands of apps and games available to everyone with a smartphone, it can be extremely difficult to decide what makes a great iPhone app. And even if an app receives millions of downloads, who says the app is actually good?

Perhaps the developers are just marketing geniuses. Either way, it’s hard to say what apps are the best, but these five certainly have influenced the market enough to make a huge ripple in the smartphone industry.


1.  Angry Birdsangry-birds

Eurgh, not Angry Birds. Many people groan at a new Angry Birds release, with comments like “It was cool when the first one came out” and “Even the second Angry Birds was kinda fun, but then it just went downhill.” The truth is, Angry Birds has never gone downhill, and Rovio have managed to make their own plush toys, feature movie, and energy drinks based on the crazy flying menaces.

The newest game in the series, Angry Birds Star Wars managed to reach the top of the charts in two hours, and the overall franchise netted a total of 1 billion downloads almost one whole year ago.


2.  Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft-iphone

Minecraft was already super popular before Mojang decided to port it over to iOS and Android, and although but after the Minecraft developer did port it over, the sandbox game received gained more success.

In all of 2012, Minecraft Pocket Edition managed to reach a total of 5,899,727 downloads, making Notch and the Mojang crew $41,239,092 richer. It has now gone on to be one of the most downloaded paid apps of all time, and has been in the top grossing charts for a very, very long time.


3.  Temple Runtemple-run

Temple Run is a simple 3D game that saw the main character running from a bunch of monkeys. Players could interact with the game by changing the direction the character ran, and controlling when the character would duck, jump, slide and activate powerups. The concept is simple, but it has managed to create a genre of its own.

There are now dozens of ‘3D runner’ games with the same concept as Temple Run, and some of them have between 1 and 10 million downloads, such as Agent Dash and Panda Run.


4.  Fruit Ninjafruit-ninja

Fruit Ninja is another app that has managed to receive a record number of downloads. And because of its success, it has warranted the success of similar games. Although there is both a free and a paid version of Fruit Ninja, both versions have managed to do incredibly well, grossing the developer more than $1 million a month in total revenue.


5.  Doodle Jumpdoodle jump

If you haven’t guessed already, simplicity pays the bill when it comes to appealing smartphone games, and this is no different for Doodle Jump, a popular game that sees the player jumping past obstacles and trying to avoid falling to their doom. Once again, the concept is simple, butaccording to Wikipedia, it has managed to receive over 150 million downloads.


There are many other great apps and games available for iPhone right now, but these five have really set the bar in terms of total downloads and overall revenue. The players of the apps enjoy them, and if you talk about it to a stranger in a bar, chances are on your side that they too know what you’re talking about.

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