The 5 Most Common Unpleasant Dreams And Their Meanings

The 5 Most Common Unpleasant Dreams And Their Meanings

Ever wake up from a dream in a state of pure confusion or panic? Most people have! Dreams are an internal mental process that people experience every night. Unfortunately, there are a few common dreams that most people experience that they wish they never had.

The following is a list of the five most common and unpleasant dreams and their potential underlying meanings.


1. Teeth Falling Outteeth-falling-out

Have you ever experienced the dream (or nightmare!) where your teeth crumble or falling out of your mouth? You’re not alone! Many people have indicated that they have endured this same dream at one time or another.  According to Dr. Oz, experiencing your teeth falling out in your dreams may be an indication that you are allowing too many words to escape. Basically, the dream is trying to show you that you must be careful about what comes out of your mouth, because once it is said, it cannot be taken back. Individuals who frequently gossip or spread rumors may experience this dream quite often.

Perhaps this is you? Other dream expects believe that having one’s teeth fall out in their dreams might be related to a fear of aging or one’s own death.


2. Fallingfalling

Many people agree that they have experienced the common dream in which they were falling. The sensation generally ends in jolting awake in bed, breathing heavily, and finally a sense of relief knowing that is was only just a dream. Phew! Unfortunately, experiencing this dream might have a deeper meaning.

As indicated by the Dream Dictionary, falling in your dream generally means that you have lost control of something in your life. It may be work, school or relationship-related. For example, you may be experiencing a loss of confidence because you are unable to complete a difficult work project. The clear cut way to end this dream?  You must determine what the problem area is in your life and then fix it.


3. Being Chased


Have you been ignoring your fears lately? Perhaps your dreams are trying to indicate to you that that is the case! If you are currently are or have experienced a dream where you are being chased, ignoring your fears may be the reason behind it, says WebMD. Interesting, right?

Unfortunately, what you are being chased by in your dreams might not be the actual thing you are running from in real life. That is why interpretation is key! In order to combat this dream, you must consider what your biggest fears are. Is it not getting the big promotion? Is it losing a loved one? Whatever the fear is, learn to face it!


4. Public Nudity

Shocked woman

If walking around town in nothing but your birthday suit is something you would never ever consider, you might be surprised when you dream about such an action! According to the Dream Dictionary, studies indicate that four out of five people will experience this dream at least once in their lives. Consider yourself lucky if you are the one that hasn’t!

Being nude in your dream with others around to see it can mean you are very insecure with your image. It may also mean that you are feeling vulnerable about something. Your best bet to squash this dream is to really come to terms with the underlying issue. Until then, you might be forced to continually suffer from the embarrassment of public nudity in your dreams. Not fun!


5. Your Partner Cheating On You

Checking partner's texts

If there is one dream that can bring you out of your slumber ready to fight or cry, it is experiencing your partner cheating on you. For many, the dream can be overwhelming and just plain nauseating. However, do not assume that your partner is cheating on you! Rather, consider the idea that you may be dealing with some subconscious feelings,and not that divorce is imminent!

As Dr. Oz indicates, the problem may be the result of you and your sweetie not spending enough time together. This dream should hint that the both of you need to make time for each other, and pronto!


Are you currently experiencing any of these dreams? If so, consider what issues you may have going on in your life that could be causing them. Addressing and fixing the problem with likely lead to a better night’s sleep. Thank goodness!

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