5 Of The Most Disappointing Video Games Ever

You are going to see some popular games on this list, in fact I’m expected a lot of comments defending number 3. However, popularity does NOT mean quality.

Don’t believe me? Check out the article, play the games and shoot me a comment below telling me why you do/don’t agree.


1. Sim City 2013

Sim city was supposed to allow you to have millions of sims and you were supposed to be able to watch their complex AI interactions, that were so complex that they required you to connect to their servers online because they claimed that your computer couldn’t process the calculations of all of those sims. Yet this is not the case, the AI is essentially the same as the same as the previous editions AI. Which wouldn’t be an issue if there weren’t so many MDAs in place to prevent you from modding the game.

Part of the allure of PC games is that you can create your own patches to fix issues that the developer didn’t fix. There are tons of forums devoted specifically to modifying games to suit a player’s wishes.The game was so disappointing that EA offered up a FREE game to owners of Sim City.


2.  Mass Effect 3

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise couldn’t wait for the third game in the trilogy. They wanted the game to come full circle, and explain why you are fighting giant robotic reapers that come to different planets and destroy everything on the planet every 50,000 years. The objective of the game is to save the galaxy from the reapers. Naturally, our first questions were: Who are the reapers? Why are they doing this? Where did they come from? These were questions that players wanted answered in the final game. This didn’t happen however.

In the final moments of Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard is given the choice to merge reapers with all organic life, destroy the reapers or send the reapers away. WHY?! The story never says why any of this is happening; no one knows what is going on. After you are forced to make some sort of pseudo “Sophie’s Choice”, you just get a flash of colors across your screen. No answers, no lore, no new ideas, nothing


3.  World of Warcraft

This, best selling game of all time, is a casual gamers nightmare. If you can get past paying for the game initially, and then paying again for expansions, and then paying monthly to play , you’d see the game is extremely disappointing. Casual gamers will never really get anywhere in the game partially because guilds require you to be a certain level with certain gear before you can join. Then there is camping. You get ganked somewhere and walk back to your body just to get ganked again and again. Repeat ad nauseum, this is especially problematic to casual gamers because they have no one to help them in this situation.

If you are lucky enough to join a guild then you will experience what they call “grinding” meaning that you will be playing nonstop in an attempt to level as quickly as possible. Even with all these faults, many gamers are sucked into the world and happily pay their monthly fees. The fanbase is so dedicated that people have even died playing the game.


4.  Diablo 3

Viewer discretion advised for this video!

The Diablo games have always been a fan favorite. The maps are dynamic and the stories engaging. Diablo 3 however was a giant let down. The story is simple, which would be ok if the story and endings were more tailored to which character you play but it’s not. Veteran players had issues with playing the game on higher difficulty, you had to play the game 3, yes 3, times before you could play on the hardest setting. No one wants to play a droll game 3 separate times in order to be challenged. What’s even worse is that there is also a real money auction house. If you have enough money you can make the game ridiculously easy to play and beat.


5.  Spore

Darwin himself would have approved of this game. You start out as a tiny amoeba struggling to survive against other amoebas. As you progress in the game you make choices to build your “character”. How many limbs do you want? What do you eat? Where can you live? The game had the potential to be enthralling. It fell short of the mark however. It plays more like a series of mini-games, and it requires little to no skill.

The worlds are tiny and they don’t have engaging characters. It’s more of a mindless game that you’d play while waiting for the bus. Had this of been released as an app it would have been hailed as brilliant.


Wade in with the games that you looked forward to and found to be big let downs!

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