The 5 Most Handsome Actors Ever?

Oh, I had some fun putting this list together! The choice was literally endless, and I had fun talking to my friends about it too. It was interesting how diverse our tastes are; what I found handsome and downright sexy about one actor, my friend found a complete turn-off. Similarly, the guys she came up with, I shook my head at, and refused to include them!

We must compromise in such matters however, and take into account popular opinion. I have deliberately left out Brad Pitt. Many of you may be disappointed at this, and granted, he’s a very handsome man, yet he’s too obvious for my tastes, and the guys I’ve chosen for this list all have something a little ‘extra’, or a story to tell.

Read on and discuss!


1.     Johnny Depp

Whether he’s dressed as a swashbuckling pirate, or yielding scissors for hands, Mr Depp certainly has hidden depths! A true acting genius, his undeniable talent adds to his appeal, and has ensured he’s crossed over from teen heartthrob to a truly acclaimed actor. For me, it’s all about Jack Sparrow.


2.     James Dean

Timeless. Everyone knows James Dean, a true sex symbol of his time. He has that bad-boy appeal, which let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, every girl can’t help but fall for. Will he change for us? That’s the question we all ask! Still popular – as judged by this fanpage – nearly 60 years after his tragic death.


3.     Heath Ledger

Rugged, handsome good looks and a legendary talent to boot. I still remember the day I heard Heath Ledger had died, and how sad I found it. I always had a soft spot for Mr Ledger, finding his ‘real man’ ruggedness really attractive, all with a soft centre. What more could a girl want?


4.     Denzel Washington

Dashing, suave and, again, here’s that word – talented. Mr Washington has appeared on our screens in such classics as Philadelphia and American Gangster, and throughout his career has kept us girls glued to the big screen. He played it mean in “Training Day“, a change from his usual type of role – and boy did he smoulder!!


5.     Ryan Reynolds

This modern-day Canadian actor is one of my top 5 favourites, with his wholesome good looks, fantastic body and witty remarks, he seems like not only a nice guy, but he’s a great actor too. Have you seen that smile?! He first came to my attention in The Proposal, opposite Sandra Bullock, and I’ve been a fan ever since.


One of my other favourites is Patrick Swayze, who narrowly missed out on the top 5. To me, he will always be Jonny Castle, and in the immortal words of Mr Castle – “nobody puts Baby in a corner”.


Brown eyes or blue eyes, blonde hair or dark hair, tall or short, muscular or skinny … what is the definition of handsome? Honestly, it’s all down to taste and opinion. My friend and I still don’t agree on this list, but I’m writing it and she isn’t, so I get the final choice!

I guess those men that grow old gracefully, retain their rugged, manly looks and continue starring regularly on our screens, they’re the ones that stay on our radar, and you have to admit, there’s something strangely alluring about that actor you found hot when you were younger, no matter how many wrinkles he’s sporting these days.


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Join in by telling us your top 5 actor hunks..


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