The 5 Most Popular Internet Security Software Packages

Internet security is an absolute must for anybody wanting to browse the internet and keep their computer and all of their files safe. Because of the high demand for internet security, there are dozens of companies offering their services and packages, and this can often make things a little stressful when deciding on what security product to use for yourself.

However, some security packages stand out and have proven to be the most popular time and time again.


1.      Norton Internet Security 2013


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Norton Internet Security is owned and developed by Symantec Labs, a company who reported a huge $1.79bn in revenue last fiscal quarter, up 4 percent year-over-year, and largely due to its Norton security packages.

This large amount of revenue has given Symantec a huge amount of power and control over how they interpret and develop their products, and because of this, Norton Internet Security 2013 has become an incredibly refined software package.

The interface follows a similar minimalistic style to what can be found on Microsoft’s Windows 8, using tiles and simple text or block color images to display the software and its features. Norton 2013 is fairly easy to navigate, however finding some features can be a bit confusing, and it definitely takes a while to get accustomed to what is available.


2        Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013


Trend Micro Inc. reported revenue of 93,839 million Yen, or around $1.174 billion in 2012, putting its market share close to Symantec Labs.

Trend Micro’s newest security suite offers access to a neatly tied up software application separated into different tabs of protection. You can navigate through each tab and view settings fairly quickly, and the most important features stand out in comparison to the less often used components. Trend Micro relies on Windows own-built Firewall instead of its own, but manages to work alongside it quite well.


3        Kasperky Internet Security 2013


Kaspersky managed to increase their yearly profits from their internet security packages to over $600 million in 2011. Although that’s miles apart from Symantec and Trend Micro, Kaspersky has been in the internet security business for 14 years.

If you’re not a tech-minded user, you maynot find the worth in the almost $60 price tag it is labeled with. However, if you do have a better understanding of your PC and internet security in general, you may be surprised at how many features Kasperky is riddled with. On top of the built-in security, there are plenty of methods to ensure that if you somehow are infected, no personal details are taken from you.

The interface looks nice, but it’s a little clunky, and has a huge RAM footprint of around 300MB, making it a bad choice for older computers or netbooks.


4        BitDefender Internet Security 2013


Despite little information to be found on BitDefender’s revenue, there’s no denying that it has become a favorite amongst many in the industry, and this may be down to its incredible protection performance, or maybe it’s functional interface.

Whilst it has fairly standard anti-spam, firewall and other control features, it manages to do something that many security packages fail to do. BitDefender does a great job at running silently in the background, and little interaction, if ever, is needed. The software is also filled with more security features than you’d ever expect to need.



5        F-Secure Internet Security 2013


F-Secure reported that its fourth quarterly profit last fiscal year rose a tiny 0.4 percent to $54.4 million, filling its expectations set out by a Reuters poll. While that’s quite a tiny chunk out of the internet security business, it certainly doesn’t stop the fact that F-Secure is chugging along slowly with a fast working security software.

The F-Secure interface is quite bland with separated sections for computer security and online safety. However, it manages to handle bad files or webpages incredibly quickly and ensures your PC is safe with a quick scan each time you try downloading a dodgy file.


Your preference should be the final deciding factor on what package you purchase, but these 5 are certainly worth looking at first.

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