5 Marvellous Movie Blogs For Every Film Fan

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it feels like there’s just too much Internet to go around. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of film, where it seems like every fanboy runs a blog and digging through Google results can be a chore.

Save yourself the trouble and check out these five, truly excellent film blogs instead.


5. Hollywood Rewiredthe-hollywood-reporter

For industry scoops, casting, and production news there are the old standbys-Variety, Deadline-but nobody does industry news with an eye towards the future quite like Hollywood Rewired, a blog run by the Hollywood Reporter.

Here, traditional scoops like casting and production news are run alongside stories about video games and web-streaming services, features that reflect the rapidly changing face of the film world.


4. Film School Rejectsfilm-scool-rejects

Like you might have guessed from the name, Film School Rejects positions itself as and industry outsider made up of dedicated film fans. The result? A blog with the same in-depth detail that an insider might provide coupled with all of the snark and edge that only they can provide.

But for all that posturing, Film School Rejects takes the culture of cinema seriously. On any given day, the latest news from the set of Iron Man 3 could be run alongside a critical conversation about gender equality in the industry. And that earnest love of ALL things film makes the site something worth returning to.


3. /Film (Slash Film)slashfilm

/Film is another site that was born of one movie fan’s intense love for the medium. Since its inception, /Film has expanded into a broad-reaching, always thorough destination for movie news of all kinds.

Especially worth checking out? The site’s forays into podcasting including a weekly live show where the site’s editors geek out alongside big names and film fans alike.


2.  The A/V ClubAV-club

The A/V Club may not be the site with the newest news or the freshest scoops, but when it comes to an active and engaged community, it has all the other sites beat.

Treading the line between high and low-brow (much like its sister site, satirical news source The Onion) The A/V Club is hyper-literate even when its subject matter is not. Known for its series of features with truly unique premises-like “The New Cult Canon”-The A/V Club is bound to make you feel better about your pop culture obsession.


1. Indiewireindiewire

Indiewire is a bit of a paradox-the biggest name for the smallest films. Indiewire built its brand as the destination for news about films that drive the ever-important independent market. You know, the movies your mom has never heard of.

As a result, Indiewire has carved out a niche and cornered the market for news on independent, documentary, and foreign titles, while at the same time becoming the online home for a number of big league film names, like critic Leonard Maltin.



Maybe you’re a movie nerd, an aspiring filmmaker, or just a casual observer of the weirdo world that is Hollywood. Whatever the case may be, these five film sites are guaranteed to be all the movie news you’ll ever need.

About Kale Hills

Kale Hills lives and works in Los Angeles, California. When he is not narrowing down lists of five things, he enjoys performing improv comedy and consuming unhealthy amounts of film and television.
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