Top 5 One Hit Wonders Of The Last Decade

The 1980’s is often the decade that gets the most ridicule for their oh-so-cheesy one hit wonders. Even us ‘90’s cubs have heard of the cringworthy one hit wonder I think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany (and if you haven’t, look it up!) or what about the catchy track Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood?!

The list goes on! But today, we’re not going to be talking about one hit wonders from the 1980’s; more specifically we will be looking at the tragic but ingenious tunes from the last decade; which means, yes you guessed it, tunes from the noughties!

I can’t stand when people call these delightfully cheesy pop songs their “guilty pleasures”. Why should one feel guilty about loving some pretty top-notch tunes?! Yeah, some of them are positively terrible in their own right; but terribly good… You know, the concept of finding something so terribly cringy that you’re in peals of laughter?! Yes, you got me!

It’s always been a mystery to me though how some of these booming bops were one hit wonders and one hit wonders only. Let’s get on with the top 5 list, shall we?


5. Liberty X – Just a Little (2002)

Was it to do with the gang of fame-hungry Brits prancing in front of our screens wearing tight leather while simultaneously breaking into a security-protected bank? Or maybe it was more to do with the sexually suggestive lyrics? Whatever it was, this track sold over 100,000 copies in its first week as number 1 in the UK Singles Chart, and in that year it was the seventh bestselling single… But Liberty X soon faded into oblivion…


4. Nina Sky – Move Ya Body (2004)

Featuring rapper Jabba, Move Ya Body reached #4 on the Billboard Top 100, #22 on the 2004 Billboard Year-End, #6 on the UK Singles Chart, and was certified Gold in 2005. Sadly, it was the duo’s only huge success, and Nina Sky is often regarded as a one hit wonder. Not to worry, Nina, your success was short-lived but we all loved this catchy tune when it was released, and many still love it today!


3. Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (2006)

Many of you will remember this track. It achieved enormous success, but Cee Lo Green and Dangermouse never made another album together, therefore tarnishing this crazy piece of music with the bleak label of One Hit Wonder. Sad…


2. James Blunt – You’re Beautiful (2006)

Teens, lovebirds, heartbroken drunks – everyone loved this no.1 hit in 2006. Unfortunately, Blunt’s next single, Goodbye My Lover, only reached no.66; and shortly afterwards, Blunt disappeared. Don’t worry James, you’re beautiful!


1. Daniel Powter – Bad Day (2006)

And the number one is…  Daniel Powter’s superb Bad Day-  the biggest hit of 2006. Bad Day was included in the top 10 in Ireland, Italy, England, Germany, and Australia; but Powter’s bad days shortly preceded after all this one hit fuss. To date, Bad Day is his only hit to have achieved such massive success.


So there you have it; a wry evaluation of the one hit wonders offered to us in the 2000’s. Yes, some of them are cheesy, some of them are lovey, some of them are so irritatingly catchy that we damn the day they were ever released as we can’t get them out of our heads. But all of them earned massive success, and whether we like to admit it or not, most of us do have a soft spot for these cheesy hits, among others.

What was your favourite one hit wonder of the noughties? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Aisling is a 20 year old student from the west of Ireland. She has been writing blogs and articles for a number of years now. Her main areas of interest are comedy, film and technology. She is also a student of media production and regularly uploads video blogs online
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