Top 5 Perfumes For Women In 2013

Top 5 Perfumes For Women In 2013

I feel naked if I leave the house with perfume on. Many people I’ve spoken to have agreed with this, so it makes sense that the fragrance industry is booming, and big business indeed.

These days most celebrities have a fragrance out, tempting their fans with the chance to smell like their favourite boy band, or singer. Of course, the big hitters continue to make mega-bucks from us wanting to smell pretty day in, day out.

So what’s big fragrance-wise in 2013?


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1. DOT by Marc Jacobs

DOT by Marc Jacobs

I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle, and it doesn’t get prettier and more kitsch than DOT by Marc Jacobs. This ladybird-style bottle is funky and cute, with wings to boot! Marc Jacobs is a hugely popular range, and this one looks like continuing in the same vein.

Quite a sweet fragrance, but not overly so, this is perfect for those that like their perfume girly and fruity. Great for summer day times.


2. Flirty Alice by Vivienne Westwood

Flirty Alice by Vivienne Westwood

Part of the hugely popular Vivienne Westwood range of fragrances, Flirty Alice has a slightly Alice in Wonderland look about the bottle, which means it will look kooky and cool on your dressing table. Of course the important bit is the smell, and with hints of bergamot, green tea and vanilla, this is a perfect perfume for work or evening.

Out just this April, this looks set to sell very well in 2013.


3. Angel by Thierry Mugler

An old favourite that continues to sell well, and with an oh-so-pretty bottle to boot. This Thierry Mugler concoction has hints of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli with citrus thrown in for good measure. Light, flirty and very girly. This is will continue to sell buckets, well into 2013.

Buy it now.


4. Pulse NYC by Beyonce

Pulse NYC by Beyonce

Is there anything Beyonce can’t do? The queen of music, fashion, film and beauty, Beyonce is now climbing up the fragrance queen stakes, and with the newly launched Pulse NYC, you can expect her beauty industry stakes to climb.

A very fruity fragrance, this is great for day wear or night, with hints of pomegranate, raspberry, pear and patchouli amongst others. For fans of the Beyonce fragrance range, this is a must.


5. Candy L’Eau by Prada

Candy L’Eau by Prada

You’ll have to wait until April for this one, but for fans of Prada Candy, this is the next instalment. Slightly more musky, this is the big sister of Candy, which was more of the younger sibling. A citrusy smell, with hints of white musk and caramel, the bottle is also a tad more sophisticated, meaning not only will you smell divine, but you’ll have a pretty trinket on your dressing table too.


Everyone has a preference when it comes to their choice of perfume, and these are just five of the new ranges, and old popular ones, out for this year. My personal favourite to this day is Angel by Thierry Mugler, and as before, it looks set to sell thousands again this year.

What are your personal favourites, and tips for smelling great this spring and summer?


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