5 Gruesome Urban Legends That Came True

Everyone knows that urban legends are just spooky stories invented to make camping trips fun by scaring children. But every once in a while, a news story comes along, and you have to wonder. Maybe there’s some truth to these tall tales after all. Here are 5 such stories that we’ve found that might freak you out a little…


5. What’s That Smell?

Did you Hear? A couple on a romantic getaway checks into a hotel. After a while, what started out as an odd smell grows worse, until someone gets the bright idea to check under the bed-only to realize that they’ve had an extra visitor with them this entire time.

The True Story: In January 2010, Sony Millbrook went missing in Memphis, Tennessee. In March 2010, Sony Millbrook was found under the mattress of a nearby hotel. She was discovered after a guest complained of a smell but not before the room was rented out and cleaned by hotel staff five times before being found.

Millbrook isn’t the only instance either, though she does appear to be the most recent. Cases like this have been reported in Kansas City, Miami, France, and more.


4. Watch What You Eat


Did you Hear? Kids expecting a bag full of treats after a fun night out on Halloween are injured when various candies are found to contain razor blades and poison.

The True Story: Stories of people tampering with candy may just be a clever way of stopping kids from eating too many Halloween. But some people have taken it too far. In 2012, police in Rossville, Illinois investigated claims by a family that found a razor blade in their 3 year-olds candy bag. Other cases have resulted in arrests and injuries, though there do not seem to be any reported deaths.


3. AIDs Mary

Did you Hear? A man (or woman) is treated to a night of wild sexual adventures. Their partner leaves before they wake. Entering the bathroom the next morning, they are greeted by a message on the mirror: “Welcome to the World of AIDS”

The True Story: Of course stories exist of people infecting sexual partners with some kind of STD and not informing them, but on purpose? It’s impossible to truly tell but this seems to have happened at least once. The highest profile instance is that of Pamela Wiser, who was sentenced to 26 ½ years in prison in 1999 after a former lover tipped off police. Though she changed her story during her trial, Wiser initially claimed to have slept with 50 men in an attempt to get revenge against the man who had first infected her three years prior.


2. Buried Alive

Did you Hear? A family gathers to mourn the loss of a loved one. After the internment of the body, the story takes us six-feet underground where someone is just waking up to the worst news of their life.

The True Story: After being declared dead 49 year-old Russian woman Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov’s family immediately set about arranging her funeral. If they had waited a little longer they might have spared her the trouble of waking up at her own memorial service.

The shock of it all was a bit too much for Fagilyu to handle and in a sadly ironic twist of fate, she suffered a heart attack and died right there on the spot.


1. Accidental Organ Donor

Did you Hear? Waking up after a wild night abroad, travelers are in for worse than a headache when they discover that they’ve been relieved of their kidney by black market tricksters.

The True Story: In this case, the victims didn’t wake up in a tub of cold ice to realize that their kidney was already missing. But what was really going on might be even worse. In 2008, after being placed on transplant waiting lists and undergoing dialysis for kidney problems, two Americans were later arrested for taking part in a foreign kidney-stealing scheme based in Mumbai and involving about 50 medical officials.

Poor Indian locals were lulled into the scheme after being promised work and forced to sell their kidneys at gunpoint. They reportedly received about $1,300 for their trouble, though the kidneys themselves went for about ten times as much. Before being discovered, approximately 500 to 600 kidneys were…acquired.


Final note:

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