The 5 Most Beautiful Screen Actresses Ever?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can’t argue with that statement; what is beautiful to one person, is the epitome of ugliness to another, and what one person decides is sexy, is a complete turn-off to someone else. However, on saying that there are some actresses who define the word ‘beauty’, and the overwhelming majority of people agree.

Aphrodite was the goddess of love, and because of that purity, she oozed beauty. Of course, goddess status probably helped too. When you think about it, what is beauty? It’s completely opinion-based!

I’ve come up with the top actresses who have timeless beauty, spanning over decades, mixed together with a few newbies, who are sure to transcend their own time. You might agree, you might not – what do you think of my suggestions? And can you come up with any of your own?

1.     Marilyn Monroe

A real woman, officially the sex symbol of her time, and still to this day. Norma Jeane was pioneering, ahead of her time and dripping in beauty and sexuality. The blonde bombshell was curvaceous, multi-talented and famous the world over. Even now, everyone knows who she is, even those that weren’t alive to witness her stratospheric fame, and untimely death due to a drug overdose. A real legend, and a real beauty.

2.     Elizabeth Taylor

Famed for her timeless elegant beauty, this world famous British actress was a Hollywood star and with her almost Cleopatra-esque natural good looks, she was a popular symbol of beauty right up until her death in 2011.

3.     Angelina Jolie

Not many people would argue the inclusion of this modern-day sex symbol, made mainstream famous by her hot-pant wearing role as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider films. Men want to be with her and women want to be her – you only have to look at the number of lip plumping cosmetics on the market promising to give you that famous Jolie pout. If you need further proof – she’s with Brad Pitt for heaven’s sake! According to research, Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful actress for 76% of movie buffs.

4.     Audrey Hepburn

Beauty that transcends time, Audrey Hepburn’s wide-eyed, innocent look secured her a place in the world’s hearts, and her talent did the talking. The star of classic films, such as My Fair Lady, Hepburn firmly deserves her place on this list.

5.     Scarlett Johansson

A modern day beauty to end the list, who I predict will remain on future top five lists until she’s much, much older. Whether blonde or brunette, Johansson is curvaceous, classically beautiful and oozes sex appeal. She’s hugely talented to boot, which adds something extra in my opinion.

After writing this list, and looking back, it’s not surprising that the 5 actresses I picked are all natural beauties, real women who didn’t, or haven’t, bowed to the altar of plastic surgery and reinvented themselves beyond recognition. Monroe never felt the need to diet herself into submission and was always true to herself, and to me, that’s the definition of true beauty.

Want more? Here’s a great gallery on the LA Times magazine site. Or check out the male counterparts here.

Let us know who’s in your top 5!!

About Nicky Curtis

Nicky Curtis is a freelance writer of two years duration, although she has written for her own enjoyment for many years. Nicky specialises in all things travel and beauty, and she is currently writing her own book, set in Turkey, which has become her second home over the last few years. A typical "girly girl", Nicky writes about the topics that are dear to her heart, hoping readers connect in the same way.
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